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Experiment: Writing a Letter for Nutritional Information (Updated!)

While writing the last review I posted for Tic Tac Mixers, I noticed there was a lack of nutritional information on the package. Being a modern gentleman, I responded to this information deficit by googling Tic Tac Mixers. This returned the company website, which had the info on it. Easy enough. But if you read […]

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Live Blog (Archive): Iain Tries Vegemite and Vegemite Cheesybite For the First Time

2:17 p.m.: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the first ever NEAROF! live blog! 2:19 p.m.: Yesterday was the four-year anniversary of NEAROF!’s launch, so I thought we’d try something different to mark the occasion. That’s what this live blog thing is. 2:23 p.m.: Other people cover elections and major world events in this format. I’m going […]

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Arbitrary: Why I love my balcony garden

Until moving to Calgary, the closest I came to balcony gardening was the flower bed in front of our old apartment in Edmonton’s Belgravia neighbourhood, which the owners actively encouraged us to plant with veggies and herbs. Try as we might, the soil was kind of grotty, and the local rabbits trashed much of the […]

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Experiment: Skittlebrau

Homer: I’m feeling kind of low, Apu. Got any of that beer that has candy floating in it? You know, Skittlebrau? Apu: Such a product does not exist, sir. I think you must have dreamed it. Homer: Ohh. Well, then just give me a six-pack and a couple of bags of Skittles. Ah, Skittlebrau — […]

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Gear: Cuisinart Griddler, first look

A couple of months ago, our household George Foreman Grill gave up the lean, mean ghost. It couldn’t be saved. We mourned its loss, and we took it as a sign – it was time to trade up to a Cuisinart “Griddler.” To say I have a thing for Cuisinart is like saying the Queen […]

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Experiment: Organic blue agave nectar as coffee sweetener

When it comes to calories and coffee, it’s the extras that’ll get you. While coffee itself is almost calorie-neutral, the amount of milk and sugar you add can take a mug of brewed coffee from a handful of calories to more than 100. If you have a few mugs throughout the day, that splash of […]

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Experiment: Chilling beer in the great outdoors

It’s New Year’s Eve, and some of your thoughtful pals have brought over several cases of beer as an offering of festive cheer. Problem is, there’s no room in the fridge, and you’re looking to enjoy the brewskis sooner rather than later. What’s a guy/gal to do? I live in Canada, nature’s greatest natural beer […]

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