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Housekeeping: Sick Day

I never get sick. As a lifelong patron of public transit, I have the beefy immune system of an elementary school teacher, a day care worker and a drop-in-clinic doctor combined. And yet here I am, a scratchy-throated, headache-addled, runny-nosed mess of a man, unable to smell garlic as it sautés in a pan, incapable […]

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Has it been a year of NEAROF! already?

It’s kind of amazing to think this site has been up and running for a year. I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what to expect when it launched, but with more than 160 posts so far and readers from more than 120 countries paying a visit, it’s become a fun (though time-consuming) part of my life. […]

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Company’s Coming, newspapers, and the byline rush

Given enough time, deadlines and stories churned out, plenty of writers turn cynical about what they do. The repetition of shuffling words from brain to screen by way of fingers, day after day, is a tedious process far less romantic than first-year journalism students believe it to be. For some writers, a byline quickly loses […]

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Chocolate mint marshmallows

Welcome to NEAROF!

It’s been a while coming, and not all the kinks are worked out yet, but we’re live and we’re happy to be here. Thanks for visiting. So, what is NEAROF exactly? It’s the Not Entirely Arbitrary Review of Food, a website dedicated to celebrating and reviewing the food you actually eat, the grub you grab […]

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