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Experiment: Chilling beer in the great outdoors

It’s New Year’s Eve, and some of your thoughtful pals have brought over several cases of beer as an offering of festive cheer. Problem is, there’s no room in the fridge, and you’re looking to enjoy the brewskis sooner rather than later. What’s a guy/gal to do? I live in Canada, nature’s greatest natural beer […]

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Review: Sunkist Citrus Burst Sugar-Free Citrus Mints

Are Sunkist Citrus Burst Mints actually mints? Not really. While they purportedly have a “light cooling effect,” it’s not very noticeable. They’re compressed little nuggets of real citrus flavour smushed together with sweeteners and a tangy sour bite (malic and tartaric acid, I presume). Whatever they are, breath mint or plain-jane candy, Sunkist Citrus Burst […]

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Review: Old Speckled Hen beer

In the beer industry, where the name of your product almost matters as much as its taste, Old Speckled Hen stands out as having a particularly eccentric, oddball moniker. It’s a silly name, but you’re not going to forget it. That’s handy when it comes time to order a pint at the bar. The Hen […]

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Review: Terry’s Chocolate Orange

In our family, Christmas morning isn’t Christmas morning without a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in each of our stockings. I have no idea why the treat has gained a foothold in our family tradition, but I’m not complaining. Each “orange” is a ball of orange-infused chocolate that has been formed into 20 chocolate “slices” connected together […]

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Kitchen Gear: Pepper mill

It’s hard to believe that in 2010, people still buy pre-ground black pepper. I mean, really. It’s so bland and insipid, a convenience item fit for fast-food chains and hospital cafeterias. Why are people so willing to sacrifice so much taste to save such a minimal amount of effort? How hard is it to grind […]

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Food Fight: Curious candy cane flavours

In the list of feel-good Christmas foods, candy canes sit damn well near the top. They’re great for snacking, they’re perfect for sharing, and they can even be hung from a Christmas tree — or your uncle’s ear — without any string or added hooks. I’ve always considered non-peppermint candy canes to be a form […]

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Review: Vitasoy Peppermint Chocolate soy milk

Maybe I’m so used to the flavour of soy milk that it’s ruined my ability to instantly detect that characteristic soy milk flavour, but in my mind all you can taste in Vitasoy’s Peppermint Chocolate soy milk is chocolate and peppermint. It’s like a candy cane stirred into a glass of chocolate milk. It tastes […]

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Review: Haw Flakes

Blame it on my multicultural Winnipeg upbringing. One of my elementary school friends, whose parents were from China, regularly brought little round packages as a snack in his lunch box. Curious, I asked him what they were. As part of his explanation, he offered me a sample. My young mind was blown. Haw Flakes, as […]

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