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Arbitrary: Some bubble-filled options for New Year’s Eve

When toasting the new year, the easy choice is a sparkling wine. It’s traditional, it’s a zazzy crowd-pleaser and it’s the simple thing to pick. But maybe others don’t like the whole champagne at midnight thing? Maybe they’d like another form of bubbly goodness? If you’re going to toast with beer, you’d might as well […]

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Review: Coconut Ice

I can’t get enough of British Pantry, a great little British import shop in northwest Calgary. A couple of months ago, I asked them if they could bring in coconut ice, one of my favourite childhood treats. They told me they’d look into it, but I assumed they wouldn’t be able to track any down. […]

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Review: Porta Kiwi chocolate bar

If you’ve been following this site for any length of time, you’ll know that I loves me some oddball chocolate bars. Yes, yes, I know. Oddball is in the eye of the beholder, but come on: a kiwi flavoured chocolate bar? I found this curious Porta brand treat at the Italian Centre in Edmonton, along […]

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Review: Ocean Spray Chocolate-Covered Craisins

Wait, what? Since when has Ocean Spray been making chocolate-covered Craisins? Why did nobody tell me? I only recently found these in the produce section at several grocery stores in Calgary, in the spots where you’d normally find regular Craisins – look for salad toppings, croutons, etc. In case you’re unfamiliar with Craisins, they’re essentially […]

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Review: Vitasoy Organic Holly Nog

After last year’s lacklustre taste-test of So Nice’s dairy-free Noel Nog, I figured my chances of finding a decent soy-based eggnog alternative were slim to none. After all, how many alternative nogs can there possibly be? The soy nog market must be small, and – pardon my generalisation – when it comes to products that […]

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Review: Tru Sweets Organic Peppermint Candy Canes

A lot of people hate corn syrup for a lot of different reasons. For an overview, watch King Corn, a recent documentary that’s both interesting and mildly shocking. While it’s hard to eliminate all corn syrup from your life, there are a few easy fixes. Giving up most corn-syrup-sweetened soft drinks, say. Goodbye, too, to […]

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Review: Big Rock Scottish Style Heavy Ale

When it opened in the mid 1980s, Alberta’s Big Rock Brewery was an upstart little brewery daring to do things differently in an industry dominated by the likes of Molson and Labatt’s. Since then, it’s grown a whole lot, evolving from a feisty microbrewery to a mainstream craft brewery that has found a mass market […]

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Review: French Onion Soup from M&M

While NEAROF! often leans towards the sweet side of things, we’re not averse to an occasional detour into savoury country. And French onion soup? Well, that’s nice and savoury, if by savoury you mean full of salty goodness. This boxed cylinder of frozen soup, complete with cheese and croutons on top, comes from M&M Meat […]

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