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Recipe: Authentic Burkina Faso bissap drink

If you’ve travelled the roads of West Africa, you’ve no doubt seen the vendors streetside, at bus stations and at the markets, all selling little tied-shut plastic baggies full of deep-red-purple juice. In Burkina Faso, it’s called bissap, and it’s delicious. If you bought a baggie of cool, refreshing bissap from a vendor, you know […]

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Review: Mio Liquid Water Enhancer

Is it just me, or does Crystal Light have a stigma attached to it? To me, it speaks of dieting and swimsuit-season desperation. Yeah, I used to buy it from time to time, but I always found it tasted of shame and compromise. I gradually learned that a cold glass of water is just as […]

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Review: American Vintage Hard Iced Tea

While I don’t mind a glass of sweet iced tea from time to time, occasionally spiked with a wee bit of vodka for weekend sipping, it’s not typically a drink I reach for on a regular basis. But an intriguing offer is hard to resist. When American Vintage Hard Iced Tea offered NEAROF! a three-can […]

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Arbitrary: So, you’re a vegetarian. Why buy a BBQ?

I’m a pretty half-hearted carnivore. Sure, I like the occasional steak (cooked to well done), and I quite like kebabs, satay, souvlaki, shawarma, donair, gyro, and all manner of marinated chicken breasts, especially cooked on a grill. And chicken tikka? Don’t even get me started. But I don’t need meat every day of my life. […]

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Review: Sunny Boy Buttermilk Pancake Mix

This is it. My first ever Stampede. While I have it on good authority that it is possible to eat a free dignitary-flipped hotcake breakfast every day for the duration of Stampede, I know there will be days when I want at least one meal other than breakfast. Lunch? Supper? What’s a new Calgarian to […]

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