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Review: Skittles Riddles

While I’m not a fan of any of the “alternate” Skittles flavours I’ve tried, this pack of “Skittles Riddles” combined newness and mystery in a way that made me want to take a chance. Could these be as good as original Skittles? Of course not. That’s just crazy talk. All I wanted was to try […]

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Review: Pop Rocks

What’s that Simpsons quote? “It’s like there’s a party in my mouth, and everyone’s invited!”? That just about sums up Pop Rocks. You never forget your first experience with this exploding confection. You tear open the package, throw some Pop Rocks in your hand, then pop them into your mouth. Saliva reacts with the candy, […]

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Review: Covered Bridge Homestyle Ketchup Potato Chips

  I’ve tried and reviewed other Covered Bridge chips (namely their Cinnamon and Brown Sugar chips, as well as their Smokin’ Sweet BBQ flavour), so I’ve already noted their hideous packaging and other quirky features. This time, what caught my attention was their ketchup flavour. I adore ketchup chips, and grew up stuffing my face […]

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Review: Mr. Christie’s Arrowroot Biscuits

Who in Canada doesn’t have childhood memories of chomping on Arrowroot cookies, possibly while sipping from a plastic tumbler of apple juice? For some reason, Arrowroot cookies have become the toddler snack of choice. How this connection between children and Arrowroots came to be is beyond me, but the sweet, simple flavour is tasty enough […]

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