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Arbitrary: The return of hot coffee season

Remember when coffee shops sold coffee? If a bump on your noggin prompted the loss of all memory prior to May, you’d be forgiven for thinking that coffee shops sold only pastries, iced coffee, frozen hot chocolate and decaf grande mocha Frappuccinos (hold the whip). The hissing of summer lawns? Sorry, Joni, but these days […]

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Review: Puccho Soda / Cola Candy

I maintain that the candy aisle at London Drugs stores is a hidden gem for lovers of curious confections. They stock all sorts of interesting things, from Hi-Chew (a Japanese candy delicacy), to British sweets to assorted chocolate bars from all over the world. Hell, they even stock Hawaiian Host chocolate-covered macadamia nuts. See? Hidden […]

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Arbitrary: Why I love my balcony garden

Until moving to Calgary, the closest I came to balcony gardening was the flower bed in front of our old apartment in Edmonton’s Belgravia neighbourhood, which the owners actively encouraged us to plant with veggies and herbs. Try as we might, the soil was kind of grotty, and the local rabbits trashed much of the […]

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Review: Nerds! candy

It’s back to school time again, and you know what that means! Nerds! Not my intellectually curious brethren (copy editor pride, yo), but the Willy Wonka candy staple. I’ve been hooked since I bought my first box at a convenience store near my Winnipeg elementary school. I still occasionally buy them when I need a […]

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