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Review: Hardbite Schezwan Peppercorn potato chips

I did a double-take when I walked by the potato chip selection at Calgary’s Sunnyside Market. Hardbite’s folksy packaging has clearly had a major update, and this was my first time seeing it. Overcome with a sudden hankering for chips, I picked up a flavour that was new to me: Schezwan Peppercorn. My Hardbite experience […]

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Review: Rickard’s Cardigan autumn spiced lager

“Waaaaarm up with an ice-cold beeeer!” hollered a tray-carrying vendor at a particularly chilly autumn CFL football game I attended last year, if memory serves. I loved his pitch, mostly because it’s so perfectly outlandish you can’t help but laugh, but also because some beers are designed as winter warmers, even if not in the […]

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Review: Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi

When I reach for a low-cal beverage (other than water, naturally), I typically grab a bottle of Coke Zero. I prefer Coca-Cola to Pepsi, so translating that preference to the low-calorie cola world is logical enough. But I’m also one of those long-suffering Canadians who has a fondness for cherry colas, a terrible affliction given […]

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Review: Starbucks Via Pumpkin Spice instant coffee

When Starbucks first released Via, their instant coffee product, I tried the free samples offered by staffers at the store, who foolishly dared customers to tell the difference between a freshly brewed coffee and a cup of instant. While Via was easily the best instant coffee I’ve tasted to date, even four-year-old me could have […]

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Review: Crunchie Clusters

Like most humans, I like shiny things. While diamond-encrusted teeth and flashy gold chains don’t do anything for me, a pretty, shiny package in the grocery store – especially for a product I’ve never seen before – draws me in like the stupid ape-man I clearly am. No amount of formal education or summer afternoons […]

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