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Arbitrary: Why I bake bread

Bread is cheap. For a little more than a buck, I can buy a sale-priced loaf of basic white bread at my local grocery store. If I boost my budget to a couple of bucks, my choices increase. And for a bit more than $5 per loaf, I can get some pretty fantastic bread from […]

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Healthy January: Café harm reduction

Weight gain is a funny thing. Over time, it’s the little habits that add up to become big problems. The small daily indulgence can turn into a long-term calorie splurge. Counting calories, which I talked about in the last two posts, is particularly handy for identifying trends you never really thought about before. And what’s […]

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Healthy January: More calorie counting tips

  I’ve learned quite a few things about keeping track of calories during the times I’ve actively counted calories. Here are some additional tips if you decide to give calorie counting a try. – Processed foods make life easy: While this runs counter to my belief that one should be making as many things at […]

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Healthy January: Counting calories

Yes, I know this website is usually all about the glories of eating yummy things, and that calories are often of secondary importance compared to flavour. But you’ll notice I generally try to list nutritional information when it’s readily available. Why? Because I care about eating these yummy things in moderation, and I know that […]

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