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Review: Miss Vickie’s Applewood Smoked BBQ potato chips

While I’ll concede that most people would be able to tell the difference between something smoked with wood and something smoked over a pile of burning tires, I’m not entirely convinced that the difference between, say, potato chips seasoned with mesquite smoke and those flavoured with another wood smoke is going to be noticeable enough […]

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Review: Cornish RB-Q Chips from Calgary Co-op

Since moving to Calgary nearly three years ago, I’ve acquired a soft spot for the Calgary Stampeders. While I find it hard to get worked up over sports in general, and I couldn’t explain the finer points of Canadian football to an American other than three obvious points – bigger fields, fewer downs and playoff […]

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Arbitrary: So, you’re a vegetarian. Why buy a BBQ?

I’m a pretty half-hearted carnivore. Sure, I like the occasional steak (cooked to well done), and I quite like kebabs, satay, souvlaki, shawarma, donair, gyro, and all manner of marinated chicken breasts, especially cooked on a grill. And chicken tikka? Don’t even get me started. But I don’t need meat every day of my life. […]

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Review: Lay’s BBQ Kettle Cooked Chips

The Pitch: Like all other kettle chips before them, Lays is selling their kettle-cooked chips on their naturalish-ness. “Natural flavours, timeless taste,” says the bag, which claims the chips are made with all natural flavours, no artificial colours, no preservatives, 0 trans fat, no MSG … and “100% happiness.” Well, if they’ll contribute to my […]

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Review: Kettle Chips Baked honey hickory barbeque chips

I’m having a REALLY hard time trying to figure out how someone is supposed to bake chips in a kettle, but maybe that’s just me. In any event, these new honey-hickory-barbeque baked Kettle Brand chips have been around at Planet Organic for awhile, and I finally bought a bag. The Pitch: “65% less fat than […]

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Gear: Cuisinart Griddler, first look

A couple of months ago, our household George Foreman Grill gave up the lean, mean ghost. It couldn’t be saved. We mourned its loss, and we took it as a sign – it was time to trade up to a Cuisinart “Griddler.” To say I have a thing for Cuisinart is like saying the Queen […]

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Behind the Assignment: Fire station BBQ for the Edmonton Journal

When working on a story, there’s a whole lot of stuff that never makes it into the paper. There’s only so much room, and sometimes things just don’t fit. While writing about the curious love/hate relationship firefighters have with barbecues, I got a sense of how important the gas grill is to fire station food […]

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Food Fight: Heinz Ketchup vs. Heinz Organic Ketchup

Next Monday, May 23rd, marks the unofficial start of summer in Canada. It’s the May long weekend, celebrating both Victoria Day and the start of BBQ season. And what key condiment is crucial to a summer BBQ of burgers and hot dogs? Why ketchup, of course. I’ve been known to dabble in organic products, so […]

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