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Review: Sugarpova Flirty Sour gummy candy

“Sugarpova? Doesn’t that sound kind of like … who is it … Sharapova? Maria? That tennis player? There’s no way that could be …” (Picks up package of gummies on the drugstore shelf, reads the back.) “Well, what the hell. Isn’t that … strange.” I was initially confused by the whole idea of a candy […]

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Review: Safeway Bakery Counter light fruitcake slice

Fruitcake doesn’t do anything for me. I think. See, I can’t say I’ve had all that much fruitcake in my life. Like many people, I tried it once or twice years ago, decided I didn’t like it, then neglected to try it again because I assumed I still didn’t like it. This is crazy, of […]

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Review: Jelly Belly Chocolate Dips

I like Jelly Belly jelly beans enough to be able to pick my way around the nasty flavours in a bowl of assorted beans. Popcorn? Yuck. Same with just about all the “creamy” ones. And yet these new Dips Jelly Belly candies are new to me. NEAROF! was gifted a bag from America a few […]

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Review: Sconza Lemoncello Almonds

I found these Sconza Lemoncello Almonds at a London Drugs in Calgary around Christmas time, but it’s taken me a while to get around to reviewing them. Now that I’ve tried these little yellow bundles of sweet, creamy, lemony joy, I wish I’d sampled them sooner. The Pitch: “Roasted almonds covered in white chocolate and […]

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Recipe: Simple Spiced Apple Cider

Near as our calendar app can tell us, it’s Christmas Eve. That means it’s time to hunker down in front of the fireplace, snuggle up with your special someone, and enjoy a warm mug of spiced apple cider. This recipe, from the lovely Aline, is easy to make, and the aroma fills a house with […]

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Review: San Pellegrino drinks

Is it just me, or did San Pellegrino’s near ubiquity come out of nowhere? It wasn’t long ago that you’d typically only find San Pellegrino fruit beverages at coffee shops and Italian restaurants, stocked either to please clients who remember it from the old country, or as a way of appearing worldly via the fizzy-drinks […]

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Review: Allan Key Lime Pie Dessert Bites

I’ll admit that when I think of Allan, I think of candy canes and chocolate Easter bunnies. A bit of research revealed that the Allan Candy Company (allancandy.com) is a much more present force in our sugary lives than I had initially thought; along with their seasonal goodies, they make many of the brandless penny […]

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Review: Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange chocolate bar

Orange and chocolate, we get along juuuusst fine. From the old Mocha Valencia days at Starbucks to the current seasonal deliciousness of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, I can’t get enough of the pairing. While I’ve tried Dairy Milk in the past, I’ve never sampled their orange-flavoured bar. A crazy sale price at Safeway convinced me to […]

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