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Review: Mr. Christie’s Arrowroot Biscuits

Who in Canada doesn’t have childhood memories of chomping on Arrowroot cookies, possibly while sipping from a plastic tumbler of apple juice? For some reason, Arrowroot cookies have become the toddler snack of choice. How this connection between children and Arrowroots came to be is beyond me, but the sweet, simple flavour is tasty enough […]

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Review: Chips Ahoy! Middles

Chips Ahoy! cookies are not part of my current everyday life, but they were when I was a kid. Every day, I’d get at least a couple of them tucked into a baggie in my lunch bag as dessert. (Only to be eaten after finishing my mustard, carrot and lettuce sandwich. Yes, that was my […]

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Review: Anna’s Orange Flavoured Thins from Ikea

Another trip to Ikea means another trip to the Ikea food store. Hurrah! This time, I spotted some super-cheap Anna’s orange flavoured thins in a box. It’s like I can never leave Ikea without buying something. The Pitch: “Swedish recipe.” Also, “By appointment to H.M. the King of Sweden.” An interesting blurb on the back […]

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Review: Expired fortune cookies

Perched atop the highest shelf of the Asian foods section of my old Edmonton Safeway was this gem of a dust-covered box of expired Golden Yuan fortune cookies. See, I’m starting a new job today, so I figured I could use some extra good fortune, guidance and words of wisdom. Cookies, do your thing. The […]

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Review: Duchy Originals organic shortbread

Another jolly good find in the new British import section at Hub Cigar in Edmonton. Shortbread is one of my guilty pleasures (I usually make a big batch around Christmas), and I have a soft spot for organics. Easy sell. The Look: Considering the number of shortbread tins and packages that have a Scottish motif, […]

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