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Nescafé Sweet and Creamy Original

Review: Nescafé Sweet and Creamy Original

K-Cups. Those awful little capsules that cost way too much (which you’d know if you could do basic math, which, statistically speaking, you probably can’t), weigh on the conscience of anyone who thinks about future generations who’ll be stuck on this increasingly shitty space rock, and taste about as good as the hot brown water […]

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Food Fight: International Delight vs. Starbucks Frappuccino cold coffee beverages

As far as I’m concerned, Starbucks popularized the cold, sweet, milky coffee market, and brought it into the mainstream. Sure, some of us knew about Mr. Brown Iced Coffee before the Frappuccino landed, and other products innovated long before Starbucks decided it wanted a piece of the action. That’s a given. But since the Frappuccino […]

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Review: Reese Peanut Butter ice cream bars

After trying Reese peanut butter chocolate frozen dessert, as seen on this very website, I was curious to try this new Reese ice cream bar, which has only recently turned up in stores. Given how much I love most other Reese products, there was little doubt I’d eventually get around to trying these. The Pitch: […]

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Review: Morinaga Mixed Drops

I know the name Morinaga for one simple reason: it’s the company behind Hi-Chew, a marvellous line of gummy yogurt fruit candies that can be found in the sugary snacks aisle of well-stocked Asian grocery stores. I adore Hi-Chew, so seeing the Morinaga brand on these two tins of candy, found at a small Asian […]

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