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Review: Starbucks Via Caffè Mocha

The last in our series of hot chocolate reviews is actually not quite a hot chocolate. Instead, it’s a caffè mocha mix, which is sort of a hybrid between a latte and a hot chocolate. It’s part of Starbucks’ line of Via instant coffee beverages, a line I’ve tried before (see our Via Pumpkin Spice […]

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IOGO Probio Blackberry-Blueberry probiotic yogurt

Review: IOGO Probio Blackberry-Blueberry probiotic yogurt

The yogurt section of any large grocery store is more daunting than the wall of toothbrushes in the pharmacy. They’re all somehow yogurt, but every one claims to be different in some way, and invariably better than all the others. It’s the dairy-case equivalent of every striving, scrabbling rapper’s ghetto-dream assertions that they, truly, are […]

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Review: Liberté Mediterranée wild blackberry yogurt

Somewhere along the way, yogurt went from delicious, nutritious food to processed pseudo-food, a scientific experiment that spiralled out of control. See, bad things happen when you start counting calories obsessively. When faced with two yogurts on a dairy-case shelf, one that’s 250 calories per serving and another that’s 100, health-minded label-readers often pick the […]

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How To: Use up spare milk before it expires

Buying groceries is all about estimation. You do your best to judge how much lettuce you’re going to use between trips to the store, or how many bowls of cereal you’ll shovel down your gullet before the next trek to the Save-On. Sometimes you get it right, and sometimes you get it wrong. With canned […]

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Review: Activia Lemon Merengue yogurt

The key requirement of dessert is to be delicious, not healthy. Yet somehow, Activia’s Lemon Merengue yogurt manages to be both. Yes, that’s “merengue,” like the dance, not “meringue,” like lemon meringue pie. Curious choice of name, but whatever. The taste is wonderfully lemony, with actual chunks of lemon pulp and zest mixed into the […]

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