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Review: Ikea Choklad Lingon & Blabar chocolates

The Swedish food market at Ikea is a must-visit whenever I get to the big blue-and-yellow box store. Aside: How much do I love Ikea? I’m typing this on an Ikea desk while sitting in an Ikea chair. Next to me are Ikea bookcases and an Ikea Poang chair. I could keep going (Ikea coat […]

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Review: Davids Tea Cream of Earl Grey chocolate bar

I’ve seen many chocolate and coffee pairings in my time, from chocolate-covered espresso beans to chocolate bars with coffee grounds mixed in. Chocolate is a common flavouring in many espresso-spiked drinks produced by Starbucks, from the chilly mocha Frappuccino to the garden variety hot mocha. But chocolate and tea? About the closest I’ve seen is […]

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Review: Camino Original Milk hot chocolate

Yes, the second hot chocolate on my month-long quest is also an organic, fair trade product. See, the Carnation folks really do have a death-grip on the Canadian hot chocolate market, which makes finding alternatives in the grocery store harder than you’d think. I found this tin in Safeway, next to all the Carnation varieties. […]

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Review: Green & Black’s Organic Hot Chocolate Drink

It’s Hot Chocolate Festival month in Calgary, which has me in a hot chocolate state of mind. To celebrate, I’ve decided to write about four different takes on hot chocolate in powdered mix form. I’ve already written about that classic of Canadian winters, Carnation Hot Chocolate, so that’s why I’m not going to write about […]

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Review: Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai Blueberry candies

These candies are just so downright subversive, aren’t they? Take açai – a buzzy, health-food-store darling of a berry – and, instead of creating some sort of $7 meal replacement bar for hippies turned investment bankers, drench the hell out of the superfruit with dark chocolate. And instead of straight-up berries, process them into a […]

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Review: Aero Dark 70% Cocoa chocolate bar

It’s a Halloween tradition. Every year, when digging around through my surplus fun-size candy, I rediscover Aero. It’s a chocolate bar I’d never normally buy on its own in a full-size version, but in fun-size, it’s perfect. Why do I like it? Because there are no bells and whistles. It’s just chocolate, infused with a […]

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Review: MaraNatha Dark Chocolate Peanut Spread

Continuing an oft-revisited theme here at NEAROF!, I fell victim to the inescapable draw of a grocery store end-unit display. This time, it was a shelf full of MaraNatha Dark Chocolate Peanut Spread at Planet Organic that did me in. My wife balked at the price (“$6.29?” she asked, incredulous), but I bought it anyhow, […]

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Review: Fibre Plus granola bars

In my experience, you can have a healthy, fibre-filled granola bar that bears some similarity to cardboard, or you can have an unhealthy, fat-filled sugar-and-rolled-oats bar masquerading as health food, luring parents to include them in lunch boxes under false pretences of nutritional awesomeness. But these Fibre Plus bars are different. Sort of. While each […]

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