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Review: Camino Original Milk hot chocolate

Yes, the second hot chocolate on my month-long quest is also an organic, fair trade product. See, the Carnation folks really do have a death-grip on the Canadian hot chocolate market, which makes finding alternatives in the grocery store harder than you’d think. I found this tin in Safeway, next to all the Carnation varieties. […]

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Review: Oxfam fair trade Bio Cola

As much as I love Coca-Cola, I know there are people who don’t like it for a variety of reasons. Some dislike it on nutritional grounds, while others take issue with the global ubiquity of massively multinational companies. Personally, I quite enjoyed being able to cool down in the shade of a mango tree with […]

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Review: Orange Cocoa Camino chocolate bar

Part of the fun of having a site like this is getting tips from readers. Back when I wrote about Terry’s Chocolate Orange in December, commenter Darrell pointed me in the direction of several other orange-infused chocolate bars, including this lovely specimen from Cocoa Camino. See, Terry’s Chocolate Orange is great, but it’s not available […]

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