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Arbitrary: The First Slurpee of the Season

There’s something magical about the first Slurpee of the season, isn’t there? The sweet, frosty, icy, slushy soft drink is a staple of the summer season in this part of the world, and there is much to celebrate on the first day warm enough to enjoy one outside, on a walk through the neighbourhood. Nothing […]

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Review: French Onion Soup from M&M

While NEAROF! often leans towards the sweet side of things, we’re not averse to an occasional detour into savoury country. And French onion soup? Well, that’s nice and savoury, if by savoury you mean full of salty goodness. This boxed cylinder of frozen soup, complete with cheese and croutons on top, comes from M&M Meat […]

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Review: Reese Peanut Butter ice cream bars

After trying Reese peanut butter chocolate frozen dessert, as seen on this very website, I was curious to try this new Reese ice cream bar, which has only recently turned up in stores. Given how much I love most other Reese products, there was little doubt I’d eventually get around to trying these. The Pitch: […]

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Review: Reese Peanut Butter Cup frozen dessert

This one sort of explains itself, doesn’t it? It’s Reese Peanut Butter Cups, mixed with ice cream (though it’s actually a frozen dessert, not ice cream). Simple. I first saw it at a grocery store a while back, but had enough willpower to avoid buying it. But my dad, well … he knows I love […]

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Review: Vegetarian chicken wings? Who knew?

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the whole point of chicken wings the bones? The amount of work necessary to pick away every last strand of meat from the bones always struck me as a waste of time and effort, but that silly inefficiency defines the wing-eating experience. The journey, not the meat-to-effort […]

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Review: Dole Whip

The Look: Like frozen yogurt, served in either a cup or a cone. The Pitch: It’s a lactose-free frozen dessert that’s similar to frozen yogurt or soft-serve ice cream. Comes in several flavours — pineapple and vanilla appear to be the most common. The History: I first tried Dole Whip as a kid at Disneyland. […]

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Review: So Delicious Chocolate Coconut Milk frozen dessert

As you scoop So Delicious Chocolate Coconut Milk frozen dessert out of the tub, it becomes apparent that it’s not a standard ice cream. Using an ice-cream scoop, it doesn’t want to curl around and stick together to form a pretty ball. It’s airy and flaky, for lack of a better word. In terms of […]

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Review: Alexia Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

Not too long ago, sweet potato fries were the sort of oddball dish you’d only find at a funky neighbourhood restaurant, the kind of place decked out in retro diner decor and frequented by booth after booth of insufferable hipsters. It’s only within the last two or three years that sweet potato fries popped up […]

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