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Review: Lay’s Wavy Milk Chocolate Potato Chips

When most well-adjusted, liberty-loving North Americans think “chocolate chips,” it’s the classic cookie that comes to mind, not potato chips drenched in chocolate. And yet here we have Lay’s Wavy Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, an idea that seems certain to have come from a skunk-scented apartment in the college part of town. More curious […]

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Review: Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy! Cookie Dough chocolate bar

God bless giant multinational corporations. With Kraft’s 2010 acquisition of beloved British confectionary mainstay Cadbury, which subsequently found itself under the Mondelez International brand, both the Dairy Milk family of chocolate bars and the Chips Ahoy! brand of supermarket cookies fell under the control of the same company. Some blessed soul (who, I’d hope, got […]

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Review: Safeway Croissant Doughnuts

With all the recent talk of cronuts – a Brangelina-style portmanteau for croissant donuts – racking up buzz and clicks on the internet, I felt compelled to share with you a treat of similar name that was on the scene WAY before a fancy-pants New York bakery “invented” a hybrid pastry that’s got the fickle […]

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Review: Panago Veggie Korma Indian pizza

Vegetarians are used to limited pizza choices. In a pizza party setting with only a token vegetarian or two, a sympathetic host will either order a “vegetarian” special (tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, maybe olives, etc.) or a cheese pizza. It’s always the same. Granted, vegetarians have their own secret orders (I discovered pineapple and onion while […]

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Review: R.W. Garcia Thai Sweet and Spicy Tortilla Chips

Unexpected fusion foods tend to capture my attention. Combining one cuisine with another in a culinary mashup can yield both interesting results and unmitigated train wrecks; the results vary widely. In this case, R.W. Garcia Thai Sweet and Spicy Tortilla Chips combine Thai seasoning with tortilla chips, which sounded like a combination that would yield […]

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Review: Panago Butter Chicken Indian pizza

My experience with New York Fries’ butter chicken poutine convinced me that Indian fusion can work in mysterious ways, so was it any surprise I was drawn to the new Butter Chicken Indian pizza at Panago? Butter chicken must be the most widely available Indian dish in Canada, the result of a perfect combination of […]

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Review: General Tao Chicken potato chips

Take potato chips and combine them with General Tao chicken, a staple of North American Chinese food, and what do you get? An OK chip that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Part of the President’s Choice World of Flavours line of potato chips, these General Tao chips are rated medium on the spicy scale, and, […]

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Review: New York Fries’ Butter Chicken Poutine

I’m going to go right ahead and call New York Fries’ Butter Chicken Poutine what it is: fusion food for the Canadian masses. So what is it? First, for our American friends: Poutine is a Quebecois fast-food delicacy that combines French fries, cheese curds and gravy. It’s a life-shortening concoction that’s slowly becoming a national […]

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