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Review: Hawaiian Host Macadamias Glazed with Kona Coffee

In the deepest days of an Alberta winter, I allow myself to fantasize about sunny places with beautiful beaches, Starbucks patios sheltered by the shade of palm trees, and easy access to the Sunday New York Times. I know some find it corny, but I adore Hawaii. It ticks all my boxes in terms of […]

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Review: Steinlager Classic beer

When I think of Steinlager beer, I think not of its native New Zealand, but of Hawaii, where it seems to be about as readily available as Bud Light. While you couldn’t call it a local beer (it isn’t), you could probably fit it into a category between import and domestic. It’s sort of like […]

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Review: Maui Style Maui Onion potato chips

The Look: Palm trees, a big wave and a surfing Maui onion are printed on the foil bag. Inside, the chips themselves are all curly and thick. They’re what I’d call a golden yellow colour, not much different from the regular salted potato chips I’m used to. They look more gnarled than standard potato chips […]

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Review: Chocolate peanut butter mochi

It’s no secret that I love mochi ice cream. I reviewed the tiny ones made by Lotte earlier on NEAROF!, and I’ve loved almost every other brand of mochi ice cream I’ve tried so far. I’ve only recently started to experiment with non-ice-cream mochi, and let me tell you, I’m nuts for those, too. Instead […]

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Review: Mauna Loa Kona Coffee Glazed Macadamias

I know a lot of people love macadamia nuts, but I don’t quite understand their passion. They’re crunchy and nut-like, yes, but on their own, I find them bland. Their most remarkable trait is their lack of a strong, distinctive flavour. On the surface, that sounds like a complaint, but it isn’t necessarily so. The […]

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Review: Starbucks’ new ‘trenta’ size

First and foremost, is the new Starbucks “trenta” size for iced coffee and tea spectacularly refreshing? Yes. Yes, it is. But, of course, that’s not the whole story. Some numbers: The iced trenta cup holds 31 oz. (917 ml), compared to the iced venti cup, which holds 24 oz. (710 ml). Really, for all the […]

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Review: Dole Whip

The Look: Like frozen yogurt, served in either a cup or a cone. The Pitch: It’s a lactose-free frozen dessert that’s similar to frozen yogurt or soft-serve ice cream. Comes in several flavours — pineapple and vanilla appear to be the most common. The History: I first tried Dole Whip as a kid at Disneyland. […]

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Review: Hawaiian Host dark chocolate macadamia nuts

Is there any more Hawaiian a souvenir than chocolate-covered macadamia nuts? Based on the shelves and shelves full of them at every corner store in Waikiki, they’re clearly a popular gift to bring back from the Hawaiian islands. But are they, you know, any good? In a word, yes. But I’ll qualify that by saying […]

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