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Review: Meadow Gold Pass-O-Guava Nectar

I adore Hawaii. I love the sunshine, the people, the atmosphere, and the effortlessly tropical/Polynesian/Asian/American melange of the place. I’ve been to Hawaii often enough to know what I’m missing when I’m not there. And what’s just about the first thing I do after I arrive on the long-haul flight from Canada? I grab a […]

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Review: Hawaii Food Notes

In case you haven’t read the FAQ, I live in the city of Edmonton, a nice metro area of about a million people in the province of Alberta, Canada. In the sunny months of summer, it’s a lovely place to live — but winters here are no fun at all. From November to late April, […]

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Review: Fire Rock Pale Ale

It’s hard to separate taste from experience. A really good meal in a dirty, ramshackle restaurant just doesn’t taste as good. Likewise, a mediocre dish in a spectacular dining room can be elevated a couple of notches by the decor. An army of interior designers earn their living based on this strange fact. As such, […]

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