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IOGO Probio Blackberry-Blueberry probiotic yogurt

Review: IOGO Probio Blackberry-Blueberry probiotic yogurt

The yogurt section of any large grocery store is more daunting than the wall of toothbrushes in the pharmacy. They’re all somehow yogurt, but every one claims to be different in some way, and invariably better than all the others. It’s the dairy-case equivalent of every striving, scrabbling rapper’s ghetto-dream assertions that they, truly, are […]

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Review: Almond Fresh Noel Nog

We’ve been over this. Eggnog is awesome. Thick, rich, creamy and generally delicious, it’s a seasonal treat that temporarily contributes to the annual December stretching of the waistline. We’ve examined the difference between Original, Classic and Light eggnog, and we’ve even ventured into So Nice’s soy-based Noel Nog. But this year, I found a new […]

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Review: Popchips Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips

After the deliciousness that was the Katy Perry kettle-corn style Popchips I sampled a couple months back, I thought I’d try another Popchips flavour. As someone who is genuinely trying to keep calories and overall food consumption in check, the allure of a healthier alternative to nacho-cheese-flavoured tortilla chips was impossible to resist. The Pitch: […]

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Review: Popchips Katy’s Kettle Corn Chips

I’m kind of fascinated by Katy Perry. She’s this marvellous contradiction, a gospel-raised chanteuse who rose to mainstream prominence through a risqué image and songs that leave nothing to the imagination. Even the dimmest of bulbs has little trouble reading between the lines of Peacock. (“Superliminal” comes to mind.) As Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, I […]

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Review: Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai Blueberry candies

These candies are just so downright subversive, aren’t they? Take açai – a buzzy, health-food-store darling of a berry – and, instead of creating some sort of $7 meal replacement bar for hippies turned investment bankers, drench the hell out of the superfruit with dark chocolate. And instead of straight-up berries, process them into a […]

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Review: Skinny Cow Milk Chocolate Dreamy Clusters

My first experience with a Skinny Cow product was their tiny little frozen dessert single-serve cups, and it was downright terrible. With the first spoonful, I instantly regretted picking it over the tiny tubs of Häagen-Dazs in the same cooler. In the quest to find decent calorie-reduced treats, there are successes and there are failures; […]

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Review: One a Day Fruiti-ssentials Gummies vitamins

I don’t like taking pills. Never have, and I doubt I ever will. As a kid, chewable Flintstones vitamins were the solution to the vitamin problem; they tasted funny, but I didn’t mind. At least I didn’t have to down them with a glass of water. I’m not sure how old I was when I […]

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Review: Vitasoy Quinoa beverage, vanilla flavour

Is there anything they won’t milk? In the past couple years, I’ve sipped cow milk, almond milk, rice milk, soy milk … and those are just the milks I remember. But quinoa milk? This was new to me. If you read much about food, you’ll know there’s currently a love-in surrounding quinoa – the latest […]

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