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Review: Ikea Choklad Lingon & Blabar chocolates

The Swedish food market at Ikea is a must-visit whenever I get to the big blue-and-yellow box store. Aside: How much do I love Ikea? I’m typing this on an Ikea desk while sitting in an Ikea chair. Next to me are Ikea bookcases and an Ikea Poang chair. I could keep going (Ikea coat […]

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Review: Ikea Potatischips Gräddfil & Lök

Why am I drawn to Ikea’s Swedish Food Store? Hard to say. Maybe because the prices are generally crazy cheap. Maybe because they have so many curious products that seem vaguely familiar, yet different. And maybe it’s because, unlike trips to some other oddball/curious food shops in town, there’s usually at least a bit of […]

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Arbitrary: Some bubble-filled options for New Year’s Eve

When toasting the new year, the easy choice is a sparkling wine. It’s traditional, it’s a zazzy crowd-pleaser and it’s the simple thing to pick. But maybe others don’t like the whole champagne at midnight thing? Maybe they’d like another form of bubbly goodness? If you’re going to toast with beer, you’d might as well […]

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Review: Anna’s Orange Flavoured Thins from Ikea

Another trip to Ikea means another trip to the Ikea food store. Hurrah! This time, I spotted some super-cheap Anna’s orange flavoured thins in a box. It’s like I can never leave Ikea without buying something. The Pitch: “Swedish recipe.” Also, “By appointment to H.M. the King of Sweden.” An interesting blurb on the back […]

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Review: Ikea Dryck Nypon rosehip drink

I have happy childhood memories of picking rosehips, the shrivelled little berries that grow on rose bushes in the fall, after the flowers have wilted and died. They can be used to make jellies, syrup and, apparently, a drink that is available at Ikea’s food store. If you’d like to get better acquainted with this […]

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Review: Pear drink at Ikea

As we’ve already established, I quite like pears, and I quite like Ikea. Combine the two, and you’ve got a tall can of non-alcoholic pear drink — Kolsyrad Parondryck by name — available at the Ikea food store. The look and texture are not like a standard pear juice. It’s not thick with pear pulp, […]

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Review: Daim chocolate bar

I’m not sure what it is about milk-chocolate-coated crunchy caramel almond bars, but Sweden seems to love them. At least that’s what I gather, based on regular trips to Ikea. If you’re the proud owner of a Poäng chair, you may have tried Daim chocolate bars at the Swedish food store, or a slice of […]

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Review: Sockerbageriet “pepparkakskola” gingerbread toffee

The package is what caught my attention. Wrapped in a triangular wedge of pinkish red paper, it looks more like a tiny bouquet of flowers than a candy. Inside, there’s a conical plastic bag with a handful of plastic-wrapped caramels (12 in all). The reason I bought Sockerbageriet “pepparkakskola” gingerbread toffee is the same reason […]

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