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Review: Safeway Bakery Counter light fruitcake slice

Fruitcake doesn’t do anything for me. I think. See, I can’t say I’ve had all that much fruitcake in my life. Like many people, I tried it once or twice years ago, decided I didn’t like it, then neglected to try it again because I assumed I still didn’t like it. This is crazy, of […]

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Review: Hawaiian Host Macadamias Glazed with Kona Coffee

In the deepest days of an Alberta winter, I allow myself to fantasize about sunny places with beautiful beaches, Starbucks patios sheltered by the shade of palm trees, and easy access to the Sunday New York Times. I know some find it corny, but I adore Hawaii. It ticks all my boxes in terms of […]

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Review: Dairy Milk Honey Roasted Cashews and Hazelnuts

My wonderful cousin sent me a text about a new series of chocolate bars from Dairy Milk that I had to check out. They had fanciful names like Honey Roasted Cashews and Hazelnuts, Pretzel and Peanut Butter, and Toasted Coconut and Cashews. Neat, right? The strangest part of this concept is that, in my mind, […]

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Review: Sahale Snacks Sing Buri Cashews

Who doesn’t love a good nut mix? I mean, aside from people who get sick whenever they’re within 10 metres of a peanut. In this case, the packaging drew me in, and the description on the bag of Sing Buri cashews convinced me to part with my $4.29 for a stingy quantity of nuts. Cashews […]

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Review: Mauna Loa Kona Coffee Glazed Macadamias

I know a lot of people love macadamia nuts, but I don’t quite understand their passion. They’re crunchy and nut-like, yes, but on their own, I find them bland. Their most remarkable trait is their lack of a strong, distinctive flavour. On the surface, that sounds like a complaint, but it isn’t necessarily so. The […]

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Review: Hawaiian Host dark chocolate macadamia nuts

Is there any more Hawaiian a souvenir than chocolate-covered macadamia nuts? Based on the shelves and shelves full of them at every corner store in Waikiki, they’re clearly a popular gift to bring back from the Hawaiian islands. But are they, you know, any good? In a word, yes. But I’ll qualify that by saying […]

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Review: Daim chocolate bar

I’m not sure what it is about milk-chocolate-coated crunchy caramel almond bars, but Sweden seems to love them. At least that’s what I gather, based on regular trips to Ikea. If you’re the proud owner of a Poäng chair, you may have tried Daim chocolate bars at the Swedish food store, or a slice of […]

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Review: Lara Bars

Back when I reviewed a Clif Bar in January, helpful commenter Jill left a note recommending the Lara Bar line of energy bars. The pitch was appealing: “Very few ingredients, taste great, very natural.” Intrigued, I picked up a few flavours at Planet Organic, then another few while on vacation in the U.S. My overall […]

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