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Review: Cornish RB-Q Chips from Calgary Co-op

Since moving to Calgary nearly three years ago, I’ve acquired a soft spot for the Calgary Stampeders. While I find it hard to get worked up over sports in general, and I couldn’t explain the finer points of Canadian football to an American other than three obvious points – bigger fields, fewer downs and playoff […]

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Review: Hardbite Eat Your Parsnips chips

Would you pay twice as much for a vegetable chip made from a vegetable other than a potato? Looks like Canadian chip maker Hardbite is betting you will. The Pitch: From the back of the bag: “Not your mama’s parsnips. We know, parsnips have a bad rap – and it’s your mom’s fault. But this […]

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Book Review: Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us, by Michael Moss

I will admit to a certain amount of soul-searching about my role running and writing for this website. Any thinking person with a basic understanding of nutrition can’t look at a modern supermarket without at least some measure of horror. Salt Sugar Fat, journalist Michael Moss’s examination of the three fundamental ingredient pillars of food […]

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Review: Maple Bacon Kettle Chips

Before I go any further, let me bring forward an example of the profound absurdity of the universe: I found these oily, sweet, salty, smoky potato chips at PLANET ORGANIC – after many years of moderating asinine online comments as a big media web monkey, know that I don’t use all-caps lightly – ostensibly the […]

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Review: French Onion Soup from M&M

While NEAROF! often leans towards the sweet side of things, we’re not averse to an occasional detour into savoury country. And French onion soup? Well, that’s nice and savoury, if by savoury you mean full of salty goodness. This boxed cylinder of frozen soup, complete with cheese and croutons on top, comes from M&M Meat […]

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Review: Lay’s BBQ Kettle Cooked Chips

The Pitch: Like all other kettle chips before them, Lays is selling their kettle-cooked chips on their naturalish-ness. “Natural flavours, timeless taste,” says the bag, which claims the chips are made with all natural flavours, no artificial colours, no preservatives, 0 trans fat, no MSG … and “100% happiness.” Well, if they’ll contribute to my […]

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Review: Stacy’s Parmesan, Garlic and Herb flavour pita chips

Pita is great, isn’t it? Whether used as the shell for grilled chicken souvlaki or a delicious sweet-and-spicy donair, pita bread is both useful and yummy. But pita chips? I haven’t had much experience with these. Are they supposed to be more healthy than regular chips? Less greasy, perhaps? One look at the nutritional info […]

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Review: Doritos Intense Pickle tortilla chips

The last time I tried a Doritos flavour based on a potato chip seasoning, it was the disastrous Ketchup Doritos, a nasty combination that didn’t work at all. Needless to say, it didn’t last. Given that history, I was justifiably apprehensive when I spotted these. I’m a sucker for dill pickle potato chips – another […]

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