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Review: Toddler Mum-Mum Organic Strawberry Rice Biscuits

There is a world of toddler treats beyond Arrowroot. Don’t believe me? Allow me to introduce you to Toddler Mum-Mums, a light, airy rice cracker “biscuit” made with organic ingredients and, in this case, flavoured with strawberry. They’re already a staple in our house. The Pitch: Features a “parent’s checklist” that includes: organic; great taste, […]

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Review: Russell Stover “No Sugar Added” Strawberry Cream candies

Candies and chocolates that proudly proclaim themselves to be “no sugar added” intrigue me. Even though I’d had plenty of childhood run-ins with Sorbee hard candies from the neighbourhood health food store, I’d largely forgotten about the parallel world of sweets that avoid regular sugar in favour of alternative sweeteners (other than soda, that is). […]

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Review: Nerds! candy

It’s back to school time again, and you know what that means! Nerds! Not my intellectually curious brethren (copy editor pride, yo), but the Willy Wonka candy staple. I’ve been hooked since I bought my first box at a convenience store near my Winnipeg elementary school. I still occasionally buy them when I need a […]

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Review: Pop Rocks

What’s that Simpsons quote? “It’s like there’s a party in my mouth, and everyone’s invited!”? That just about sums up Pop Rocks. You never forget your first experience with this exploding confection. You tear open the package, throw some Pop Rocks in your hand, then pop them into your mouth. Saliva reacts with the candy, […]

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Review: Rubicon Guava Juice

My first experience with guava juice was in Hawaii as a teen. While it didn’t do much for me at the time, I’ve come around to the taste. These days, I love it. One sip of guava juice takes me back to a Honolulu lanai, reading the Sunday New York Times between sips of the […]

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Review: Kras Ki-Ki Jagoda Strawberry

Shortly after I moved to Calgary in the fall, my friend Jason introduced me to the most amazing little shop in the city’s Beltline area. It’s called Kalamata Grocery, and it’s an old-fashioned corner store – quite literally on the corner of 11th Street and 15th Avenue SW – with a Greek/European flavour to it. […]

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Review: Juicy Fruit Desserts chewing gum

I first found these last year on a trip to Seattle, and I’ve been patiently waiting for them to show up in Canada. And, well, what do you know? Here they are! The pharmacy gum-rack shelf-talker showed three flavours available in Canada: Strawberry Shortcake, Apple Pie and Orange Crème. While I don’t miss the mint […]

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Review: Jell-O Strawberry Cheesecake dessert cups

Who doesn’t love strawberry cheesecake? Rich cream cheese, strawberry topping and a graham cracker crust? Heaven. Why I thought Jell-O’s Strawberry Cheesecake dessert cups would meet any of those criteria is beyond me. First off, there’s no graham cracker crust at the bottom, which seems silly. Next, the strawberry topping is more of an extruded […]

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