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Review: Davids Tea Cream of Earl Grey chocolate bar

I’ve seen many chocolate and coffee pairings in my time, from chocolate-covered espresso beans to chocolate bars with coffee grounds mixed in. Chocolate is a common flavouring in many espresso-spiked drinks produced by Starbucks, from the chilly mocha Frappuccino to the garden variety hot mocha. But chocolate and tea? About the closest I’ve seen is […]

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Review: American Vintage Hard Iced Tea

While I don’t mind a glass of sweet iced tea from time to time, occasionally spiked with a wee bit of vodka for weekend sipping, it’s not typically a drink I reach for on a regular basis. But an intriguing offer is hard to resist. When American Vintage Hard Iced Tea offered NEAROF! a three-can […]

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Review: Twinings Tassimo Chai Tea Latte

Three factors influenced my trying a handful of Tassimo products in the past year. Canadian winters are cold, and fetching coffee outside isn’t fun in -25 C weather. I work strange hours, and most of the cafes near my office close early, making it a pain to grab a hot drink during the second half […]

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Review: Decaf Earl Grey tea

Why is it that if a restaurant has decaffeinated tea, it’s always something herbal? Peppermint Rosehip Bliss, Midnight Chamomile Moonbeams, etc. Why is it so damned hard to get decaf black tea? Part of the problem is that there are scads of decaf tea alternatives to black tea that have been around long enough to […]

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