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Review: Vanilla Shake M&M’s from Australia

Over the years, I’ve tried M&M’s in all sorts of flavours and formats. Plain, peanut, peanut butter, pretzel, mint, coconut … . A few weeks ago, I even sampled some orange-flavoured M&M’s from Australia. This week, we’re back to another M&M’s flavour from that kangaroo-infested corner of the globe. Vanilla Shake, they say? Interesting. I’m […]

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Review: Davids Tea Cream of Earl Grey chocolate bar

I’ve seen many chocolate and coffee pairings in my time, from chocolate-covered espresso beans to chocolate bars with coffee grounds mixed in. Chocolate is a common flavouring in many espresso-spiked drinks produced by Starbucks, from the chilly mocha Frappuccino to the garden variety hot mocha. But chocolate and tea? About the closest I’ve seen is […]

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Review: Wells Banana Bread beer

Of all the fruit beer flavours you’re likely to come across, banana is far from the most common. I’ve sampled tons of raspberry beers, some blackberry beers, apple beers, peach beers, apricot beers, cherry beers, blackcurrant beers and passion-fruit/mango beers, but Wells’ Banana Bread beer is only the second banana beer I’ve run across – […]

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