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Review: Lowney Cherry Blossom

These little chocolate-coated candied cherries have been a staple on Canadian chocolate-bar racks for decades. While other candies and chocolate bars have spent oodles of dough rebranding themselves for the new, more x-treem (shudder) generation, there’s something soothing about seeing a sweet treat that hasn’t bothered with 3-D type, gimmicky claims or fancy foil-plastic packaging. […]

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Review: Popcorn, Indiana’s Original Movie Theater Popcorn

When you go to the movie theatre, you expect to get gouged at the popcorn counter. You and I both know that a $5 bag of popcorn probably costs them less than $0.50 to make. It’s not popped in truffle oil, slathered in the finest imported French butter, and sprinkled with sea salt harvested by […]

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