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Review: Porta Banane chocolate bar

Everyone knows bananas and chocolate are great together. Sliced bananas are a delight when dipped in chocolate fondue. The chocolate-topped banana split is an ice-cream-shop staple for a reason. Banana bread just isn’t the same without chocolate chips. And chocolate-covered frozen bananas? The Bluth Empire had to start somewhere, didn’t it? So why not make […]

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Review: Wells Banana Bread beer

Of all the fruit beer flavours you’re likely to come across, banana is far from the most common. I’ve sampled tons of raspberry beers, some blackberry beers, apple beers, peach beers, apricot beers, cherry beers, blackcurrant beers and passion-fruit/mango beers, but Wells’ Banana Bread beer is only the second banana beer I’ve run across – […]

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