Review: Mr. Christie’s Arrowroot Biscuits

A box of Mr. Christie’s Arrowroot Biscuits. Can you taste them yet?

Who in Canada doesn’t have childhood memories of chomping on Arrowroot cookies, possibly while sipping from a plastic tumbler of apple juice? For some reason, Arrowroot cookies have become the toddler snack of choice. How this connection between children and Arrowroots came to be is beyond me, but the sweet, simple flavour is tasty enough that adults have been known to sneak a few cookies, too.

By the time you read this, I may be a daddy. Or not. Who knows. The due date was roughly a week ago, so I’m going by that. In keeping with my new fatherly duties, I’ve had to post some of these stories in advance. In the next several months, don’t be terribly surprised if a post shows up a day late. I expect to be operating on several hours of sleep a night, which I assume is all I’ll need. Right? Any fathers in the house care to confirm?

In any event, I know I’ll be eating plenty of these cookies over the next decade, so I’d might as well get reacquainted with them, no?

The Pitch: From the box: “You may give Mr. Christie’s Arrowroot biscuits to your baby as soon as he or she is ready for solid foods. We advise parental supervision when this product is given to infants and young children.” From Kraft Canada’s Arrowroot website: “A household favourite since 1906, Arrowroot cookies continue to delight kids and moms alike.” Delighting moms might be a stretch, but I’m not a mom, so what do I know?

One of two plastic packages inside the box of Mr. Christie’s Arrowroot Biscuits. Seriously, can you taste them yet?

The Look: Box features pictures of adorable babies, both with and without Arrowroot cookies in their mouths. So cute! The yellow box is instantly recognizable. The cookies are an oval shape with rounded and triangular patterns printed on the surface, along with the words “CHRISTIE ARROWROOT BISCUIT.”

The Taste: Quite crisp and hard at first, they crunch down quickly, dissolving  into pasty mouth-mush. They have a smooth and lightly scratchy mouthfeel, and a flavour that’s a touch sweet but mostly bland. They’re sort of like digestives on training wheels, if you will.

If these Arrowroot cookies look familiar, it’s because you probably ate 2,967 of them as a kid. Just an estimate, of course.


Cost: $4.69 for a 350 gram box.

Value for cash money: Good.

Availability: Widespread. Maybe in the cookie aisle, and maybe with the baby stuff. If not in one spot, check the other.

Nutrition?: Per cookie (7 grams): 30 calories, 1 gram of fat, 45 mg of sodium, 0 grams of fibre, 0.4 grams of protein. Also (in % daily value), some iron (2%), thiamine (6%), riboflavin (4%), niacin (4%) and folate (8%). But are those daily values for adults or kids?

The verdict: Simple, but just fine. As a parent, I imagine wine and cheese socials will transform into mild cheddar and Arrowroot play dates. And you know what? I’m cool with that.

Tea time with daddy? Yup.


  1. Has the baby arrived? Boy or girl?

  2. Congrats!!


    • Aucune idée. La meilleure solution c’est probablement de contactez les gens de Kraft Canada directement. J’ai trouvé deux numéros sans-frais sur leur site web: Pour le service en anglais, essayez 1-800-567-KRAFT (5723). Pour le service en français, composer le 1-888-572-3806. Merci d’avoir visitez mon site!

  4. Congrats; I am a recent dad, too! Grew up with Arrowroots. Been feeding them to my daughter as soon as she was old enough to eat ’em. President’s Choice Value Pack is a better price per 100g; the quality and texture of the PC cookie vs Mr Christie is a matter of personal taste.

    Arrowroots are my go-to cookie!!! (we eat healthy so there are never any chocolate chip cookies in our house) My daughter being born gave me a reason to have a full box of Arrowroots on hand at any time. My favourite way to enjoy them is dipped in coffee — the slight flavour of the Arrowroot cookie pairs nicely with your coffee, regardless of how bold a roast you prefer.

    Other options to enjoy an Arrowroot or dozen: paired with a slice of old cheddar cheese, spread with peanut butter, spread with nutella, and even tuna salad (i.e., tuna and mayo)! If any of these sound unappetizing to you, don’t knock it ’til you try it.

    Happy fathering!

  5. The Christie Arrowroot Biscuits that I bought today do not taste the same as usual. They are are always in our house, but these new ones are harder and sweeter and taste more of wheat and less of arrowroot flour, I think.
    Has anybody else noticed any difference in their taste recently?

    • Yes I notice a difference sweeter and harder, not the same Arrowroot I’ve been eating for years.

      • I just opened a box 15 min. ago. First of they were in a clear sleeve instead of the opaque sleeve. They do not taste like the arrowroots at all. I am going to complain to Christie’s.
        I do not want these new ones! The other coolies were delicious,

        • We feel the same way….these are my husband’s favorite cookies, different shape, taste texture and color ….where can we complain?

  6. I wish you had put the list of ingredients for these copies!! Did you know they have Beef Broth in them! Not good for us Vegetarians!! Thanks

    • Beef broth? Where did you hear that? There’s absolutely no mention of it on the ingredient list, which means I don’t believe that claim for one second. Given religious sensitivities, that’s something they would certainly note if it were true.

  7. Should say Cookies!

  8. I agree with Kelly, this is not the same as the last one I bought. These taste sweeter and are harder. I enjoyed the old ones, There sure is something different about this new pack I bought. I have been eating Arrowroot for years and know the exact taste and these are not the same. The packaging inside the box has also changed. Bring back the old taste.

    • Me too …saw your message about arrowroot’s they are not the same …thinner I had one from previous package to compare …dont know what is going on ..will have to check another store for a older dated one maybe …will compare the dates…I want my old ones back

  9. I buy Arrowroot biscuits for myself,I bought a box yesterday opened today and they are thinner….WHY are they thinner..thought it was just me at first so still had a couple left from previous box and they are THINNER.

  10. Sorry Mr Christies but you have totally lost a good customer. Been eating these arrowroot(baby) cookies all my life and now the last box is or must be a fake as they are wrapped differently, clear plastic, the shape is off, harder, they are sweeter, no taste, unless you count cardboard as a taste, not even close to the original we grew up with. Just what have you done Mr. Christie, sabotaged your business. It is my opinion even the babies who never ate one of your cookies before will spit it out.

  11. box coding is 2014 AU 11 XBS 307L


    • I’m with you. Very disappointed and am returning this product. They have deviated from the original recipe and can no longer claim that this is an arrowroot cookie! Cookies are thin and tasteless. Predominant ingredient is wheat flour. Box code 2014 AU 08 XBS 107

  12. Why have you changed the recipe? Your new Arrowroot cookies are cloying sweet. There is no arrowroot taste. I will purchase Presidents Choice in the future. They taste like your cookies used to.

  13. box coding is 2014 AU 11 XBS 2071

    The taste isn’t the same. Much sweeter, different shape, wrapped in clear plastic and nothing like the original.

    What happened????? Don’t like anymore.

  14. I have been eating and enjoying arrowroot cookies for 50 yrs. and even taking them where ever I travel, I cannot leave home without them, so friends brought some down for us when we ran out and you can imagine my disappointment when I saw the wrapper and knew right away it was different, then opened it up and the cookie was thinner and had ridges around the cookie and it did not bite the same and is sweeter. I am very disappointed.

  15. These new imitations are wack! Why mr. Christie?……why?

  16. I have just discovered this site via my search for comments on Arrowroot cookies. My husband enjoyed starting our morning coffee and a guilt-free cookie. I checked our previous box: the cookie is smaller, which means that they can claim that the sugar content remains the same. They are sweeter, and, I feel, more likely to encourage a baby’s love of sugar at a young age. BTW, the box still says “Original”. This is all very misleading.

  17. I bought a box of arrowroot cookies and both sleeves are broken and that means every cookie. I am disappointed . I am on a sugar reduced diet and must count calories and with broken cookies it makes it very hard to do. What happened to the banana flavor and if it is still in stores WHERE

    • Glad to know I am not going crazy and that others agree that the current boxes of Arrowroot do not taste or look the same. As recorded above I don’t like them either – will be returning my large unopened box to Safeway for a refund and not buying any more Mr Christie products.

      • Mr.Christie, you have failed us. Bring back and use the old recipe please, it’s much better. That recipe never failed us. In this case, change is NOT good.

    • You are correct they have changed! I also heard that the company was taken over by someone else, so my guess is they didn’t get the former company’s recipe and that’s why they have a different texture and taste.

  18. So glad to know I wasn’t loosing it – the recent arrowroot cookies ARE NOT THE SAME and I don’t like the new version. They don’t look or taste the same – so will take my large unopened box back to Safeway for a refund. Why can’t companies leave good things well alone …….no more buying of Mr Christie

  19. What the big boys have failed to realize is that Christie Arrowroot Cookies is a classic product! It had fed every single one of us! To think of altering this product shows lack of vision. It is a poor management decision. Why? Probably financial reasons. THey thought no one would notice? Well they are wrong about that too. This product only has the imprint of the logo baked into it but the rest of it is a huge deviation from the original classic cookie recipe. Our family has made the epic decision to stop buying them.

  20. My comments simply echo all of the above comments of 2014!!!

    I keep Christie arrowroot beside my bed every night, everywhere it go!! When I travel to the USA I take them with me, as I have not found them available!
    I eat at least 4-8 cookies EVERY night! Sometimes a couple before sleep, and definitely when I wake in the night….and I go right back to sleep!!!

    Something has changed! And I don’t like them! The box I bought (I always buy the biggest case…with 8 packages in it… And this last one last week was the first that was different!!!

    Mr Christie…you have made a terrible mistake by changing the taste, texture, size and shape of the cookie I so love! There is nothing arrowrooty, unique or appealing to these new packages of sugar and flour!

    I too found this site while looking for a place to lodge a complaint….I will write an old fashioned “letter” to Christies if need be.

    I’m 67, and Christies arrowroot cookies are my only sleep aid and have been a life necessity for many years!!

  21. Arrowroot cookies used to be my favorite since my childhood,not any more they are not the same.

  22. I too, am very disappointed with the new Arrowroot biscuits. The taste, texture and size are not the same as I have given to all my babies. I am taking the large box I bought the other day at Superstore back for a refund and will not buy Mr. Christie cookies anymore. I don’t know why the company could not leave a good thing alone. Very unwise move on their part.

  23. The taste of the baby cookies – arrowroot cookies have changed. They taste like there is more sugar in them. They used to be so good. Now I will not buy them again and I will let people know this.

  24. is there an expired date for the cookies? i bought a big box from early 2013.. is it still good? i understand i still have the “old recipe”. yay? i’m disappointed to hear it has changed… i do not like the PC brand…..

  25. I’ve enjoyed Mr Christie Arrowroot biscuit/cookies for decades! Low in calories & yummy! Too bad the new recipe is so distasteful, I thought they had expired or were a bad batch, if that would even be possible. I’m really going to miss them. An icon…gone.

  26. Please bring back the original recipe. The new taste sucks!!!

  27. I emailed and the response was that the recipe is the same but they moved the production plant.
    Anyways I dislike them now also. The one cookie that I could enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee totally changed. It’s very disappointing. I won’t buy them again. They are discusting now. 🙁

  28. Arrowroots have been in our family for years.I’ve noticed a flavor change too. More like a hard tea biscuits now. Miss that unique taste.I’m going to try PC cookies next.


  30. My wife has many food allergies, and every now and then she could indulge in some Arrowroot biscuits(a bit of a treat). Since there so many things she just cannot eat any more it’s always nice to have something a little different, so recently we bought a box of arrowroot biscuits and her comment was ‘they taste wrong’, so I tried one and I guess my comment is they are like cardboard with away too much sugar (or whatever sweetener is being used) my mouth went dry so maybe too much baking soda, and generally pretty awful, no more arrowroot biscuits will enter our house.

    I’m guessing much was done in the name of more profit, but remember you can’make more profit by selling less, or maybe the ingredients have been down graded so much there will be more profit available. To finish ‘MR CHRISTIE’ you no longer make good cookies.

  31. I have experience for many years and learned that Cosco quality control is best.
    Since Costco have selected Christi,s biscuits for selling in her stores, I am much confidence to buy it.

    After tested the quality and feed to my one years old grand son noticed he loves the test.
    Price wise is really fair.

  32. I recuperated for a week after my gall bladder surgery solely on apple juice & the banana flavored arrowroot cookies. We want the arrowroot back in the cookie & bring back the banana flavor… I will not buy them until Christie yields to the customer requests…

  33. Agreed!! Thankfully I only bought a small box on sale the last time I bought them (over a year ago in Ontario) but ended up eating them with Cheddar cheese to get rid of them and help mask the awful sweetness. I’ve switched to PC brand which has the correct taste and are also cheaper. Sorry Mr Christie, you change your game, you pay the price. Another lost loyal Arrowroot eater has switched to the competition!

  34. Carol Anne Reese Parrott

    I can’t find Christie’s Social Tea cookies, would the Arowroot cookies be a good replacement in a recipe where you dip them in strong coffee and Brady, layered between an egg white chocolate like mousse filling topped with whipping cream and shaved chocolate. Otherwise known as chocolate gateaux. I found a no name social tea biscuit at Walmart and afraid they will break apart too easy and not handle the dipping during assembly

  35. Catherine Clarkson

    Why am I not find them at Food Basics , Giant Tiger or Walmart in the last 3 months? I am diabetic and always have 3 arrowroot cookies before bed!

  36. They (Mondelez Intl.) did change the recipe for cookies, chocolate bars, and other snacks.

  37. Hey there .. for some reason it seems that Arrowroot cookies have changed in flavour and texture since they started to come back late 2022. Has the company changed recipe?

  38. Agree with the comment that have been posted, sorry to see one of the traditional cookies go down the tube.