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Review: Russell Stover “No Sugar Added” Strawberry Cream candies

Candies and chocolates that proudly proclaim themselves to be “no sugar added” intrigue me. Even though I’d had plenty of childhood run-ins with Sorbee hard candies from the neighbourhood health food store, I’d largely forgotten about the parallel world of sweets that avoid regular sugar in favour of alternative sweeteners (other than soda, that is). […]

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Food Fight: Peeps vs. No Sugar Added Peeps

I genuinely don’t understand Peeps. I get that they’re made of marshmallow and that they’re meant to look like fluffy yellow chicks. But I don’t get why people would want to eat them by the 10-pack, which is how I bought my Peeps at my local Calgary Co-op. Comic Book Guy’s fondness for Peeps has […]

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