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Welcome to NEAROF!

Chocolate mint marshmallows

It’s been a while coming, and not all the kinks are worked out yet, but we’re live and we’re happy to be here. Thanks for visiting.

So, what is NEAROF exactly? It’s the Not Entirely Arbitrary Review of Food, a website dedicated to celebrating and reviewing the food you actually eat, the grub you grab between the fantastical meals other food writers are more keen to cover.

We’re not snobs about food. We know and relish the joys of, well, relish. And chewing gum. And breakfast cereal. We firmly believe that enjoying food is a universal experience, and that you don’t need to know how to cook with truffles to appreciate flavour.

That’s the closest thing we have to a mandate. How will it play out as the site grows and feedback comes in? I have no idea. That’s all part of the adventure. I’m doing this because I love food and writing about food. I plan to have fun with this site, and to make it something you look forward to coming back to.

Because I’m very aware that a site like this can become a major time suck, I’m going to put a one-year experimental time limit on it. If a community springs up around it, and if there’s enough traffic to justify the amount of time I put into it, then I expect it to grow and thrive beyond the one-year mark. If we throw this proverbial party and nobody shows up, at least we’ll have learned something from the experience. No hard feelings.

I’m still learning some of the tech as I go along, so please bear with me. It’s meant to be an experiment, a fun way to write about something that I’m passionate about. The look of the site will likely change as I post more content, and as I figure out what works and what doesn’t.

So thanks for checking us out. Please come back often, tell your friends, and retweet the bejesus out of our stories.


Iain Ilich, Editor

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