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Review: Cadbury Mini Eggs (Christmas Edition)

Cadbury Mini Eggs
Children building a snowman? Such is the Christmas packaging for Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Every Easter, Cadbury Mini Eggs make their way to Canadian convenience store shelves. It’s been this way for ages. Little egg-shaped candy-shelled milk-chocolate droplets, about the size of a peanut M&M, wrapped in a purple plastic pouch. Along with the related Cadbury Creme Egg, they’re about as ubiquitous as the Easter Bunny himself.

And yet, here they are, more than a month before Christmas, sitting by the till at local grocery stores, calling out to holiday shoppers. What gives? It used to be the only way to get Mini Eggs in November was to find a dodgy pharmacy that didn’t bother to purge its stale seasonal candy stock.

Now, I may not be some fancy big-city theologian (snaps suspenders), but from a religious standpoint, it sort of makes sense. Mini Eggs have traditionally marked the Easter Bunny’s role in the re-birth of Jesus, so why not mark the original Jesus birth with the same confectionary treat?

The Christmas edition Mini Eggs are a tad different than their Eater counterpart. Instead of pastel Easter colours, the matte, crunchy candy shells are red and green. Also, the packaging reflects the winter season, with mitten-handed children building a smiling snowman as icy flakes drift down from the heavens.

Other than that, it’s all the same.

The distinctive Mini Egg aroma of powdered hot chocolate laced with a splash of artificial vanilla is so present it can be smelled through the bag. The shells are just as crunchy, the chocolate inside just as sweet and milky. They taste like hot chocolate in solid, candy-encased form, which fits the chilly winter season nicely.

I’m not a Mini Egg diehard, so I don’t crave them during the 3/4 of the year when they’re not available, but I can see why people love them. They’re great for snacking on a few at a time, or for sharing with colleagues in a fit of festive cheer. I’ll probably buy another bag or two by the time Christmas rolls around.

Cadbury Mini Eggs
The shape is the same, but the colours are different.


Cost: $0.99 for a 39 gram bag at a grocery store. About 17 mini eggs per bag.

Value for cash money: Good deal for a chocolate snack.

Availability: I’ve seen them around town more than once. They should be standard convenience-store fare in Canada heading into Christmas.

Nutrition?: 190 calories, which is lower than many chocolate bars. Still, it’s milk chocolate wrapped in sugar.

Regionalism?: More a question than a statement here. Are Mini Eggs available in your part of the world? Do they have the same Easter connotations?

The verdict: Why not? Making them available outside of the Easter period ruins the specialness a bit, but they’re yummy, dammit.

Cadbury Mini Eggs
The crunchy, festively coloured matte shell hides a centre of milk chocolate.

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