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Review: Coca-Cola Georgia Peach

Coca-Cola Georgia Peach
The Coca-Cola Georgia Peach packaging has a nice retro feel to it. It’s meant to evoke nostalgia for an era before everything was slick and plastic. It’s a Disney version of reality (the natural tree fibre look of the cardboard is printed on), but it’s still nice. Old world charm meets modern production techniques.

Does the state of Georgia have a more globally known export than Coca-Cola? Does a single product from Georgia touch more people around the world on a daily or weekly basis than the century-old soft drink that is within easy reach of the vast majority of people on the planet?

When I think of Georgia, I think peaches, film/television production, REM, the B-52s, and Ray Charles singing Georgia On My Mind. Oh, and actor Jack McBrayer, who plays Kenneth of 30 Rock. And the amazing Georgia accent that brings a smile to my face every time I hear it.

While it would be difficult to bottle REM, and I’m not sure what film/television production tastes like, peaches and Coca-Cola are a natural Georgia-style fit. And wouldn’t you know it – Coca-Cola has released a new Georgia Peach version of their classic pop, sold in retro glass bottles. Colour me curious. 

Coca-Cola Georgia Peach
Four glass bottles of Coca-Cola Georgia Peach in a handy cardboard carrier. The only plastic is likely the liner in the crown caps.

Peach vs. peach flavouring

My peach flavouring experience is mostly confined to Fuzzy Peaches candy, plus the unfortunately tart Perrier + Juice drink I reviewed a while back. I’m hoping for a happy middle ground: some intense peach flavour, with natural sweetness and less sour twang.

Sipping from the bottle, the peach flavour is ripe and fruity and floral and completely mouth-filling. It tastes like a legit peach was used to make this drink, unlike a Fuzzy Peach candy. It’s both round and crisp, with the inherent acidity of the Coca-Cola base competing with the cane sugar sweetness. The Coke and the peach mix together for a perfect match. It clearly tastes like Coke, but it also clearly tastes like peach. I’ve tried B.C. Raspberry Coke, Cherry Coke, Orange Sorbet Coke, Vanilla Coke and lord knows how many other Cokes – but this one really nails it.

Coca-Cola Georgia Peach
The Coca-Cola Georgia Peach bottles have the “labels” screen printed right onto them. It’s a nice premium touch.

The Details

Price: $5.99 for a four-pack of 355 mL bottles at Save-On Foods in Edmonton.

Value for Money: $1.50 per bottle seems fine. And they’re glass bottles. Sweeeeeet.

Availability: I’ve seen them in four-packs at Safeway and Save-On Foods grocery stores, and sold in singles at Sunterra in downtown Edmonton.

Nutrition: 140 calories per 355 mL bottle. Sugar water. Govern yourself accordingly.

Verdict: Fantastic. The peach is intense enough that you’ll want to sip it slowly, not guzzle it. And that’s just fine.

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