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Review: Doritos Onion Rings n’ Ketchup flavour

Doritos Onion Rings n’ Ketchup flavour tortilla chips. Curious, sure, but will they last?

Part of me wants to believe that Doritos Onion Rings n’ Ketchup tortilla chips will be so delicious, they’ll make me forget all about the meh-tastic ketchup Doritos that showed up several years ago, then promptly vanished (for good reason). Will the onion ring element add enough oomph to right a previous seasoning wrong?

The Pitch: “You destroyed Buffalo Wings n’ Ranch so this flavour could live.” Apparently, there was a contest with voting, and this flavour survived the elimination challenge, even though, in the process, another variety was relegated to the dustbin of snack food history. You know, the whole “one must die so the other might live” thing, but applied to fatty snack foods.

The Look: Both pretty and unremarkable. The packaging is a shiny metallic coppery golden-yellow-orange colour, with some red tones and a photo of the chips. The chips themselves have the standard Doritos look, with reddish orange seasoning that looks like it could just as easily be nacho cheese.

The Taste: What a strange hodgepodge of flavours. The onion dominates, but has some tomato ketchup to back it up. (If you start breathing out gently through your nose as soon as the chip hits your tongue, you can get the full onion-ring note. Weird.) There’s chilli-like seasoning thrown into the mix, which makes the flavouring powder taste more like zesty nacho-cheese than I was expecting. If I didn’t know the flavour was onion rings and ketchup, I wouldn’t have guessed it. It’s not bad, and it’s certainly interesting.

If you were to see an unmarked bowl full of Doritos Onion Rings n’ Ketchup flavour chips on the table at a Christmas party, you'd probably assume they were nacho-cheese ... until you tried them.


Cost: $3 for a 265 gram bag at Calgary Co-op.

Value for cash money: On sale, just fine.

Availability: Not very widespread. It’s one of those flavours that stores either take a risk on or pass-over completely.

Nutrition?: Per 19 chips (50 grams): 260 calories, 13 grams of fat, 370 mg of sodium, 2 grams of fibre, 3 grams of protein. Some small amount of iron and calcium.

The verdict: Not terrible, but not particularly memorable. Will no doubt vanish shortly, only to be replaced by another flavour of the month.

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