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Review: SugarSin Sparkling Rosé Gummies

Prices are a complicated motivator. It’s easy to be drawn to a cheap bag of treats, but it’s also almost just as easy (at least for me) to be entranced by a candy that is strangely expensive for what it appears to be.

The pretty jar and association with wine was what initially drew me to these SugarSin Sparkling Rosé Gummies, but the $12.98 price is what sealed the deal. Given that I could buy a serviceable bottle of cheap pink wine for roughly the same price, surely these candies must be something special. At the very least, they should be well made, a cut above typical mass produced candy.

As luck would have it, the quality of these gummies is indeed notable. They have a wonderful texture that is springy and supple, taking a fair bit of bite to rend the candy in half. That’s the highlight of these.

The flavour is … OK? It’s subtle, certainly. While the ingredients list does contain wine, it’s not immediately apparent in the taste. The gelatin taste is stronger than the rosé, which is too bad. You get a hint of berry that could conceivably come from a rosé wine, with a good amount of tartness mixed in with the sweet. Where the “sparkling” comes into play is anyone’s guess. There’s no fizz in here whatsoever, so don’t expect it.

I’m not entirely sure who these are meant for. As a gummy candy, they’re an excellent example of how to nail texture and chew. But the taste isn’t what it needs to be. It’s a fancy import candy for people who want to feel fancy by buying an import candy, I reckon. Maybe they’re a nice treat to pass around at a boozy suburban book club? Since this is allegedly a wine-based gummy, allow me a serving/pairing suggestion: serve in the pretty jar with the lid still on that notes that they are, in fact, allegedly sparkling rosé gummies, which will impress a certain type of guest. Pairs well with a 300-page paperback rom-com or an anthology of Cathy cartoons. Ack!

The Details

Price: $12.98 for a 280-gram jar at the Italian Centre Shop in Edmonton

Value for Money: Not great. Assuming the nutrition facts panel is right, each candy would weigh 4.4 grams. That means there would be around 63 candies per jar. That maths out to around $0.21 per candy. Which is a fair bit more than you’d pay for similar-sized gummies at the local convenience store.

Availability: First time I’ve seen these. I’m guessing they’re not particularly easy to find.

Calories: 134 per 9 pieces (40 grams)

Verdict: Underwhelming. If you feel like splurging on a fancy treat for a special occasion, fill yer boots. If you can convince yourself they taste like wine, you’ll be even happier. But you’re better off getting the bottle of rosé.

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