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Review: Tic Tac Cherry and Passion Fruit

Review: Tic Tac Cherry and Passion Fruit
Tic Tac Cherry and Passion Fruit, a curiously flavour pairing that was unexpectedly delightful.

Tic Tacs are a strangely eccentric little candy. The signature compact boxes fit nicely in a purse (or man purse), and the flavours aren’t intense in the way other breath mints are. Pop a couple of Tic Tacs, and they’ll leave a nice taste in your mouth without leading others in the office elevator to assume you just drank a bottle of mouthwash.

Wherever my travels have taken me, gum, toothpaste and other breath-related products are invariably minty. As cherry and passion fruit are in no way associated with fresh breath, I’d call these more of a quick flavour pick-me-up than a breath mint.

Until now, the orange Tic Tac flavour (in its smartly clear orange plastic packaging that makes the white candies inside look bright orange) was the odd man out. Now it’s clearly Cherry Passion, a flavour pairing so random I can’t help but be impressed. Who thought this up? It’s like a car company that sells black, navy and hot pink sedans. Kudos for the flavour bravado.

The Pitch: Nothing. There’s no room on the packaging. The top says “Cherry & Passion Fruit,” and the front says “cherry passion.”

The Look: Standard Tic Tac plastic box, which I like (compact, can be closed between candy cravings) and dislike (eco impact of millions of tiny hard plastic boxes). The candies, viewable through the packaging, are beautifully bright and cheerful, a combination of enticing golden yellow and deep cherry red. Pretty.

The Taste (Cherry): Totally artificial. Far better than cough syrup, though. It reminds me of those red-white-and-blue rocket popsicles you used to get from ice cream trucks, minus the lemon notes. A little bit like cherry lip balm (not that I’ve ever eaten any … ), with a call back to Pez. Starts slowly and builds once the shell is breached. Not intense at all, and without any sour-cherry, black cherry, etc. pomposity. Harder shell than the Passion Fruit flavour.

The Taste (Passion Fruit): Lovely. Hard to compare it to other candies, as passion fruit is a rare flavour around here. Very floral and fragrant, and much more intense than the cherry flavour. One candy gives you a nice hit of taste. It does taste surprisingly like passion fruit, or at least the obvious elements. The shell is easier to crunch through, if you’re into that. (Crunch down on candies at your own dental risk.)


Cost: Between $0.99 and $1.79. Varies.

Value for cash money: Great to OK, depending on what you paid.

Availability: Widespread.

Nutrition?: The case says “Please contact us by mail.” Which is awesome, because really, who would actually send a letter to Tic Tacs to request nutritional information? Thankfully, the data is also on their website : Per 3 mints (1.5 grams): 5 calories, 0 grams of protein.

The verdict: Different and enjoyable. I’ve purchased several packets.


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