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Review: Wild Rose Brewery Wraspberry Ale

A glass of Wild Rose Brewery Wraspberry Ale.

I miss Razzykat. It was an Alley Kat Brewing summer seasonal many, many years ago, and I adored it immeasurably. Something about the fresh, fruity taste of raspberries blended with a decent beer really struck a chord with a much younger me. It wasn’t sweet, and it wasn’t bitter; it was a course in fruit-beer education with tuition payable by the six-pack. (Or so I recall. The rose-coloured spectacles of youth, etc.)

And so I finally got around to trying Wild Rose Wraspberry Ale, another Alberta-made raspberry beer produced by Calgary’s microbrewery of note. Here’s what I think of it.

The Pitch: “The tart, fresh taste of thousands of natural, juicy-red (whole!) raspberries produces the perfect finish for our light, crisp, easy-drinking ale.”

The Look: Pours a light golden-pink with a tiny head that vanishes almost immediately. Nice Wild Rose packaging, label and colour scheme.

The Taste: There’s ample fresh raspberry in the aroma, though not as much in the taste. There’s a hint of sweetness, but it’s mostly the tart, crisp finish that’s noticeable. Not a whole lot of body. It’s not overly sour or bitter, and the hops are barely there. If you’re looking for lots of fruit taste, this isn’t your beer. Mind you, there also isn’t a whole lot of other stuff to taste, either. It’s a bit too wishy-washy.

Pairs With: An afternoon at the lake. Salad with a fresh balsamic vinaigrette. Grilled herbed chicken.


Cost: $12.99 for a six-pack of 341 mL bottles at the Garneau Liquor Depot in Edmonton.

Value for cash money: Par for the course.

Availability: Not hard to find in Alberta.

Nutrition?: It’s beer.

Beerish power: 4.5% a.b.v.

The verdict: Not bad. A refreshing alternative to a plain summer patio beer. Could do with a stronger raspberry presence, and maybe a touch more sweetness.

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