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Arbitrary: The First Slurpee of the Season

There’s something magical about the first Slurpee of the season, isn’t there? The sweet, frosty, icy, slushy soft drink is a staple of the summer season in this part of the world, and there is much to celebrate on the first day warm enough to enjoy one outside, on a walk through the neighbourhood. Nothing […]

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Review: Steinlager Classic beer

When I think of Steinlager beer, I think not of its native New Zealand, but of Hawaii, where it seems to be about as readily available as Bud Light. While you couldn’t call it a local beer (it isn’t), you could probably fit it into a category between import and domestic. It’s sort of like […]

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Review: Starbucks’ new ‘trenta’ size

First and foremost, is the new Starbucks “trenta” size for iced coffee and tea spectacularly refreshing? Yes. Yes, it is. But, of course, that’s not the whole story. Some numbers: The iced trenta cup holds 31 oz. (917 ml), compared to the iced venti cup, which holds 24 oz. (710 ml). Really, for all the […]

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Review: Dole Whip

The Look: Like frozen yogurt, served in either a cup or a cone. The Pitch: It’s a lactose-free frozen dessert that’s similar to frozen yogurt or soft-serve ice cream. Comes in several flavours — pineapple and vanilla appear to be the most common. The History: I first tried Dole Whip as a kid at Disneyland. […]

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