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Around the Web: Millennials rejecting processed food?

There was an interesting story in last Saturday’s National Post about young’uns rejecting processed food, and the impact it’s been having on the food industry. It’s certainly worth a read, if you haven’t seen it yet. At the core of the story is the revelation that younger eaters are rejecting the processed foods of the […]

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Review: French Onion Soup from M&M

While NEAROF! often leans towards the sweet side of things, we’re not averse to an occasional detour into savoury country. And French onion soup? Well, that’s nice and savoury, if by savoury you mean full of salty goodness. This boxed cylinder of frozen soup, complete with cheese and croutons on top, comes from M&M Meat […]

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Review: Campbell’s Gardennay Butternut Squash soup

I don’t like butternut squash. Not one bit. The texture throws me off, and the taste has never done anything for me. More to the point, I’ve never been fond of squash in general. (There. I said it.) So I was floored when I tried, and adored, my first bowl of butternut squash soup at […]

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