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IOGO Probio Blackberry-Blueberry probiotic yogurt

Review: IOGO Probio Blackberry-Blueberry probiotic yogurt

The yogurt section of any large grocery store is more daunting than the wall of toothbrushes in the pharmacy. They’re all somehow yogurt, but every one claims to be different in some way, and invariably better than all the others. It’s the dairy-case equivalent of every striving, scrabbling rapper’s ghetto-dream assertions that they, truly, are […]

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Review: Mariani Vanilla Flavoured Yogurt Raisins

I’ve been nearly tempted into buying these for over a year, as I keep seeing them near the grocery store produce section when I’m hunting for Craisins or dried blueberries. I finally buckled and bought a bag. I’m usually a fan of coated raisins – chocolate, yogurt and, yes, even carob – so I’ve got […]

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Review: Allan Key Lime Pie Dessert Bites

I’ll admit that when I think of Allan, I think of candy canes and chocolate Easter bunnies. A bit of research revealed that the Allan Candy Company (allancandy.com) is a much more present force in our sugary lives than I had initially thought; along with their seasonal goodies, they make many of the brandless penny […]

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Review: Liberté Mediterranée wild blackberry yogurt

Somewhere along the way, yogurt went from delicious, nutritious food to processed pseudo-food, a scientific experiment that spiralled out of control. See, bad things happen when you start counting calories obsessively. When faced with two yogurts on a dairy-case shelf, one that’s 250 calories per serving and another that’s 100, health-minded label-readers often pick the […]

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Review: E.D. Smith Lemon Spread

You know it. I know it. The best part of a lemon meringue pie is the lemon filling, not the meringue. The fluffy whipped egg whites are all dazzle, a distraction to draw attention away from the real action, which is hidden under the frothy waves of baked topping. Young me had always wished there […]

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