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Review: Aero Peppermint chocolate bar

An Aero Peppermint chocolate bar in its foil-plastic packaging.

As previously noted on NEAROF!, I don’t mind Aero. It’s a plain sort of chocolate bar that mixes things up by adding air bubbles instead of raisins or nuts.

The Aero Peppermint bar has always seemed a curious extension to the line, though it’s also kind of ingenious. It introduces a new flavour without changing the texture or messing with the overall less-is-more concept of Aero.

The Pitch: “Feel the bubbles of Aero melt in your mouth. Made with natural flavours, using vanilla and a touch of real peppermint.”

The Look: Pretty foil-plastic packaging, playing on both the Aero brand and the minty chocolate bubbles inside. The bar itself looks ordinary enough … until you bite into it. The outside coating of brownish milk chocolate conceals a vibrant interior of light green chocolate bubbles. It’s a playful, quirky bar design.

The Taste: There’s much, much more than a “touch” of real peppermint here. Any of the promised vanilla is buried under the surge of mint chocolate. The mint hit is just intense enough without encroaching on chewing-gum country. The extra surface area provided by the bubbles helps the chocolate to quickly dissolve into a sweet, creamy, cooling, tongue-coating peppermint cocoa mush. The effect of the quick melt on the overall flavour experience is what makes the bar worthwhile.

See? The green bubbly inside of an Aero Peppermint is in striking contrast to the chocolate exterior.


Cost: For me, free. I won it during a giveaway dealie at Safeway in Calgary. The regular Safeway price is $1.19 for a 41 gram bar.

Value for cash money: Good.

Availability: Widespread.

Nutrition?: Per 1 bar (41 grams): 220 calories, 12 grams of fat, 35 mg of sodium, 0 grams of fibre, 2 grams of protein.

The verdict: Yummy. Given the choice, I’d still pick a peppermint pattie, but it’s good for scratching both a mint itch and a chocolate itch at the same time.

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