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Review: Meadow Gold Pass-O-Guava Nectar

Meadow Gold Pass-O-Guava Nectar in a glass on the lanai. One must always keep a carton in the hotel mini-fridge.

I adore Hawaii. I love the sunshine, the people, the atmosphere, and the effortlessly tropical/Polynesian/Asian/American melange of the place.

I’ve been to Hawaii often enough to know what I’m missing when I’m not there. And what’s just about the first thing I do after I arrive on the long-haul flight from Canada? I grab a copy of the Honolulu Star Advertiser and a cold glass of Meadow Gold’s Pass-O-Guava juice.

To me, it just tastes like Hawaii. Guava juice is everywhere in the islands, and passion fruit concoctions are just about as common. Both flavours are a little more alien than a lot of other tropical fruit in my corner of Canada, so I get my fill while I’m in the tropics.

As for Meadow Gold’s Pass-O-Guava juice, it’s thick, smooth, sweet, refreshing and natural tasting. Guava leads the charge, followed by passion fruit, then orange juice. It’s a perfect fusion of flavours. I love the gritty texture that slides around on your tongue. It’s got a great mouth-feel.

The dark side? The label says it contains 15% juice. (Really? Only 15%? Hunh.) There’s also “High Fructose Corn Syrup and/or Sugar” listed in the ingredients. The nutrition info panel reveals a whole lot of carbs without much vitamin to back it up.

But that won’t deter me. I love the stuff, and I’ll keep drinking it when I’m in Hawaii. But I have a sinking feeling it’s not as good for me as I want to believe it is.


Cost: About $2.80 per 1.89 litres (a half-gallon) at the ABC Store. Less elsewhere.

Value for cash money: Great for this much delicious juice.

Availability: Hawaii. (Know of anywhere else? Leave a comment!)

Nutrition?: 110 calories per 240 ml. There’s a bit of vitamin C. If you’re looking for nutritional benefit, you’d be better off eating the fruit and skipping the juice.

The verdict: Very, very good.


  1. This sounds just like the new Bolthouse Farms Juice called “Hawaiian Holiday Passion Orange Guava”. It’s basically made up of fruit juices from concentrate and they boast that a bottle of it contains 8 serving of fruits along with a host of vitamins in it. I recently discovered this at our local Real Canadian Superstore and it sells for about $3.89 for 32 oz bottle (946ml). Give it a try for a healthier version of this amazing fruit combination. I cannot stop drinking this stuff since discovering it about 2 weeks ago 🙂

    • Fantastic tip! Thanks! I’m going to try to track it down in Edmonton. I’ve been making do with some good guava juice I got at Planet Organic, but I’ve been missing the hint of passion fruit in the Pass-O-Guava blend. I’ll let you know when I manage to track some down. 🙂

  2. i heard that they have it in south africa…i think 🙂

  3. I live in Las Vegas. I just noticed that they have an ABC store in one of the casinos here. First thing that popped in my head was the GUAVA JUICE… I went to Hawaii a few times now and as soon as I land, I go straight to the ABC store and get that delicious juice. It’s funny how you mentioned the same thing. So anyways, I called all the stores here and no one carries this specific brand of guava juice. Someone please help me, tell me where I can get this yummy juice. I’ll pay 10x more than what it’s worth. Hell, I’ll pay $20 a carton. It’s that damn GOOD!!!!

    • Hmmm. Given Hawaii’s connection to Vegas (it’s a hugely popular vacation spot for Hawaiians), I’d think someone in town might know if it’s available locally.

      The Meadow Gold website for Hawaii looks entirely different than the Meadow Gold website for the rest of the U.S. I’d suggest getting in touch with them directly. Contact info is available at Good luck! (Let me know if you successfully track any down!) 🙂