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Review: Panago Butter Chicken Indian pizza

Panago Butter Chicken Indian pizza

My experience with New York Fries’ butter chicken poutine convinced me that Indian fusion can work in mysterious ways, so was it any surprise I was drawn to the new Butter Chicken Indian pizza at Panago?

Butter chicken must be the most widely available Indian dish in Canada, the result of a perfect combination of accessible, familiar tastes combined with exotic spices. Even mainstream restaurant menus have discovered the dish, though one should never confuse easy availability with quality. Some restaurant-chain butter chicken is perfectly passable, but other places turn down the heat and tone down the flavour, leading to a description that should never be applied to Indian food: bland. I’ve got high hopes for this pizza.

The Pitch: “Butter chicken sauce, grilled chicken, caramelized onions, red peppers and mozzarella.”

The Taste: Not spicy-hot at all. Just a nicely spiced mild butter chicken sauce with lots of thick, rich tomato flavour and Indian spices (cardamom, I think I love you). There’s nothing light about the sauce, which glistens with buttery fat. The other toppings – chicken, cheese, caramelized onions and red peppers – round everything out, but the sauce (generously applied, lucky me!) is front and centre. Yummers.

A slice of Panago Butter Chicken Indian pizza.


Cost: $10 for a small, $12 for a medium, $14 for a large (before delivery or tax).

Value for cash money: Good. The larger, the better the value.

Availability: Panago pizza shops.

Nutrition?: Couldn’t find any nutritional info on the Panago website. I’m guessing it’s because this pizza is still very new.

The verdict: Very unique, and very good.


  1. I had already decided to try the Korma Pizza, as opposed to the Butter Chicken. I really enjoy Butter Chicken, my decision touches on the ‘Not spicy-hot at all’ heat issue. I noticed that the Korma comes with banana peppers…’hook, line & sinker!’;-) I have to get that bit of heat with my Indian spicing.