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Review: Punschrullar from Ikea

Punschrullar from Ikea in the standard packaging.

The Look: Something like giant green caterpillars. A bar of bright green marzipan with both ends and the bottom dipped in chocolate.

The Pitch: “Swedish apricot marzipan confection,” says the package. “Sign me up,” says me.

Reality Check: A key ingredient in marzipan is, last I checked, almonds. The only mention of almonds on the packaging is in the phrase “Traces of almond may be present.” A little Wikipedia digging cleared things up. Turns out, there’s a substance similar to marzipan made with peach or apricot kernels. As such, this “apricot marzipan confection” doesn’t contain marzipan and apricots, but rather a marzipan variant made with apricot kernels. Now you know.

The Taste: Like a rum ball, but grainier (the second ingredient is rolled oat flakes). Soft, with a dominant boozy taste to it, which would be the arrack flavouring. Some chocolate, but the apricot marzipan and arrack flavours drown it out.

Punsch rolls from Ikea! Don't they look yummy?


Cost: $2.99 per four pack.

Value for cash money: Not bad. Less than a buck per piece.

Availability: Ikea stores, presumably worldwide.

Also known as: Punsch Roll. (That’s what it says on the receipt from Ikea.)

Nutrition?: 190 calories per 45-gram bar. A reasonable dose of iron, too.

The Verdict: Quite good, though I can only handle one at a sitting.

A close detail of the filling and the shell.


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