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Review: Sockerbageriet “pepparkakskola” gingerbread toffee

Sockerbageriet “pepparkakskola” gingerbread toffee from Ikea, in that neat flower-style wrapping paper.

The package is what caught my attention. Wrapped in a triangular wedge of pinkish red paper, it looks more like a tiny bouquet of flowers than a candy. Inside, there’s a conical plastic bag with a handful of plastic-wrapped caramels (12 in all).

The reason I bought Sockerbageriet “pepparkakskola” gingerbread toffee is the same reason a whole lot of other folks will give it a try: I like gingerbread, and I like toffee, so it stands to reason that I may like gingerbread-flavoured toffee.

On first contact with your tongue, the gingerbread instantly leaps forward. From there, the caramel flavour rises to the same level, but then neither one moves much beyond that. The taste coasts from start to finish, a sweet hit of toffee that gradually fades away after the last of the candy has dissolved, leaving only an oily gingerbread aftertaste. There’s not a whole lot of complexity.

The texture isn’t super sticky, and the size of each candy is ample. I wouldn’t want to eat more than a couple at a time.

It’s not downright mediocre, but it just tastes sort of … wrong. I don’t think the flavours work as well together as I’d hoped they would.

Sometimes you want things to be better than they actually are, you know?


Cost: $1.49 per 100-gram package.

Value for cash money: Good. Comparable to a chocolate bar.

Availability: Ikea!

Nutrition?: 30 calories per candy, so 360 calories per package. It’s basically just sugar and fat.

Pepparkaks kola?: Gingerbread caramels, according to Google Translate.

The verdict: If you like gingerbread and toffee, $1.49 is a small risk to take. It didn’t do anything for me, but you might like it more than I did.

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  1. Oh, shame you didn’t care for ’em too much. I kind of took a liking to them, sorry I didn’t get more. They’re kind of unique, maybe an acquired taste; but that butteryness of the toffee paired with the light spicyness of the gingerbread seemed to work well on my tastebuds.