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Review: Sunkist Citrus Burst Sugar-Free Citrus Mints

The three flavours of Sunkist Citrus Burst Sugar-Free Citrus Mints. Nice packaging, but not without issues.

Are Sunkist Citrus Burst Mints actually mints? Not really. While they purportedly have a “light cooling effect,” it’s not very noticeable. They’re compressed little nuggets of real citrus flavour smushed together with sweeteners and a tangy sour bite (malic and tartaric acid, I presume).

Whatever they are, breath mint or plain-jane candy, Sunkist Citrus Burst Mints are just fine in my books.

The packaging is pretty and compact, but I stopped liking disposable metal gum/candy tins a long time ago. I can’t help thinking of the miners in other countries who go underground so I can enjoy the luxury of having my candy wrapped in metal. Not cool.

Ethical qualms aside, the metal case poses another problem ¬— it’s a pain to shake individual mints out of the tins, especially when the tin is mostly full. Because the hard mints rattle around in the metal box, everyone in the lecture hall will hear you struggling to shake loose a candy when you need a fix.

The flavours:

Valencia Orange: Natural flavour, yet the most unnatural tasting of the lot. It reminds me of something — fruit flavoured Tums? No matter. It’s not bad at all, but it’s the most pedestrian.

Ruby Red Grapefruit: Like eating a sweet pink grapefruit without the seeds and the eye full of juice. Lifelike.

Eureka Lemon and Key Lime: There are two distinct flavours in one package here. The lemon is like lemon meringue filling, but more sour. Maybe lemonade? The lime is just as good, with the tart flavour of the fruit punched up with sweeteners.

The mints are tiny little nuggets of compressed citrus flavour. And sweeteners and stuff. Whatever. They're good.


Cost: About $2, but varies. Expect to pay anywhere from $1.80 to $2.50.

Value for cash money: There are 60 tiny citrus mints per package. It’s not meant to be polished off in one sitting, which is just as well given the price.

Availability: Hit or miss. A lot of convenience stores don’t have them, and those that do often only have one or two flavours at a time.

Nutrition?: Call for nutritional information? Grrr. The sweeteners are artificial, but the flavours are natural. Go figure.

Made in Canada: That’s right. The mints are from Canada, but the tin is from China.

The verdict:
A nice sugar-free treat, if you can find them.


  1. Karen G. Eckert

    I tried these and loved them. Bought them in our local grocery store. They do not carry them as a regular item. Would like to receive these. These are very delicious.

  2. I found it from the Toys-r-us in my area. I bought it at first because I need to “package” other items for the min amount to use a 10% off coupon.

    Speaking of the taste, It is good. Better that tic-tac