Arbitrary Housekeeping

Wait … something around here looks different

Writing on the bus
The bus is an entirely OK place to write. Plus, people assume you’re some high-powered executive checking the company financials.

When we launched NEAROF! back in 2010, the idea was to keep at it for a year and see where it went. Well, it’s eight years later and we’re still humming along, but we haven’t done anything with the design since Day 1. Long story short, the site was starting to show its age. The countertops needed replacing, the cabinets needed new knobs and the backsplash was looking bit dated. Solution? A website renovation.

We’ve rebuilt the site with a new look that will hopefully make it easier to find what you’re looking for and encourage you to dig around a bit. The photos in new posts will be larger, and the images have been optimized for retina/high-DPI screens. The new site design is also “responsive,” meaning that it’ll figure out if you’re visiting on a smartphone, tablet or desktop and adjust the layout to best match your screen. That’s really important to us, as our stats tell us that about 2/3 of our readers visit us on a smartphone.

If you spot anything that’s well and truly broken (other than the most-viewed-posts counter in the sidebar, which we can assure you is only measuring popularity since the site changes were made), please send us a note via the Contact page.

There are more changes coming over the next month as we add features, tinker with the interface and fully move into our newly renovated place. We hope you like it!


Iain, Editor


  1. Welcome back! What a delightful discovery that this site is alive and well with a number of new posts this month! The new layout looks great on my iPhone. Looking forward to seeing what is still to come…

    • Thanks! It’s good to be back up and posting things again. I’m happy to know the iPhone layout is working well. Considering how many visitors happen upon the site via a mobile browser, it made sense to do a better job of serving them.