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Review: 5 Vortex chewing gum, green apple flavour

5 Vortex chewing gum, green apple flavour

And so, the 5 line of gum from Wrigley’s expands yet again with another interesting flavour. There’s a certain amount of intensity to the 5 flavour formulas that other gums don’t have, and the taste tends to last. I almost always buy new 5 flavours when I see them, precisely because I know they’ll be well executed, even if they don’t quite float my boat. And so … Vortex green apple! Exciting!

The Pitch: “A juicy green apple”

The Look: Green, red and white on a slick black background. Looks much like the other 5 flavours. The gum is a light green colour in standard Juicy-Fruit stick format.

The Taste: Whump! A huge hit of classic fake sour green apple taste, with that mouth-tingling gum additive that tastes fresh and minty without actually being minty. I can’t help but remember a shampoo I bought years ago that smelled like this. Also, there’s a soupcon of nail polish remover. Not in a terrible, off-putting way, mind you. It’s very green-apple, so if that’s a favourite candy flavour, this gum has it in spades. The flavour backs off considerably after the first five minutes, but there’s enough left that it reminds your taste buds what you’re chewing.

5 Vortex chewing gum ... it's green!


Cost: $1.69 at Safeway.

Value for cash money: Good.

Availability: Widespread.

Nutrition?: Per stick, 5 calories.

The verdict: For a green apple flavour, surprisingly good. I know I’ll only buy it occasionally, when I feel like changing up gum flavours with something other than mint. This line of gum continues to impress.

Vortex uses the same nice package design as other 5 gums.


  1. Dear Sir, Madam,
    In our household we always have packets of Wrigly sugar free gum .
    Couple weeks ago tried the Vortex apple? gum. I tasted one, what a revolting chemical taste. More like flammable , fuel taste.
    Could have been a bad batch,
    Could not return it to the store as I misplaced the receipt.
    I can send you the fullpacket minus one
    Yours Sincerely

  2. it turned into mush after 10 min (timed)
    bad batch?