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Review: Stacy’s Parmesan, Garlic and Herb flavour pita chips

Stacy’s Parmesan, Garlic and Herb flavour pita chips

Pita is great, isn’t it? Whether used as the shell for grilled chicken souvlaki or a delicious sweet-and-spicy donair, pita bread is both useful and yummy.

But pita chips? I haven’t had much experience with these. Are they supposed to be more healthy than regular chips? Less greasy, perhaps? One look at the nutritional info panel helps clear up any illusions. They’re baked, yes, but don’t think they’re health food.

The Pitch: “Seasoned with real Parmesan cheese, garlic and parsley, these crunchy pita chips can be served with a wide variety of dips. Try crumbling them over soup or salad to add a delicious flavour and texture.”

The Look: Nice packaging. The bag size is between large chip bag and single-serving grab bag. The chips themselves vary quite a bit in size, from flat and square-shaped to curled up fragments.

The Taste: Like dried bits of seasoned pita. They’re VERY crunchy and dry, like crackers more than chips. The garlic dominates, and any cheese notes are more Ritz crackers than fresh Parmesan. Eating these on their own seems silly, like eating croutons straight from the bag. They’d be a nice topping for something else, or dunked in a bowl of dip. (Tzatziki sauce, perhaps?) Overall, meh.

The packaging for Stacy’s Parmesan, Garlic and Herb flavour pita chips


Cost: $3.79 for a 170-gram bag at Sobeys in Edmonton.

Value for cash money: Good.

Availability: I’ve seem them at Sobeys and Safeway.

Nutrition?: Per 16 chips (50 grams): 240 calories, 10 grams of fat, 470 mg of sodium (yikes!), 2 grams of fibre, 6 grams of protein.

The verdict: Much garlic and crunch, but otherwise dry and dull. Too bad.

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